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Isotrak play host to interactive 3iS Fleetvision Committee meeting with Freight Transport Association, FTA, President

Isotrak’s, 3rd Party Integration Service, 3iS recently demonstrated under a new name – 3iS FleetVision. Isotrak comments, ‘the addition of ‘FleetVision’ provides a greater degree of clarity to the features, and ultimately, the function of the product. We felt it paints a picture of the potential application of 3iS and is also more appreciative of the diversification of our customer base.’

With a steering committee meeting held on the 16th November in a picturesque setting in Rugby, influential chairman Stewart Oades held host as he presented to Isotrak’s credible customer base and expressed his passion to help them reap the benefits 3iS FleetVision offers such allowing 3PLs, haulage operators, manufacturers and their respective customers to enter into deeper and more fruitful business relationships, taking advantage of spare transport capacity but with only minimal administration and total privacy.

The product is designed to increase the level of visibility amongst collaborating businesses and ultimately decrease the costs of running transport operations through a reduction in empty running and fuel costs. Isotrak’s strong team also took guests through an insightful journey of the product roadmap, a captivate demo of the solution and the engagement process. The floor was then opened up to discussion as representatives from the likes of ASDA, Eddie Stobart, M&S and more asked key questions on why and how it would suit their businesses.

Key points taken from the meeting were as follows:
– The challenge was honing in on what customers want from the product. Customers liked the product and the concept of fleet integration and a wider fleet operation but were keen to understand how Isotrak would deliver this product.

– Isotrak is a progressive organisation and they have spent 3 years trying to understand hauliers and retailer’s needs. Since the last 3iS, now 3iS FleetVision, steering committee meeting Isotrak has engaged with their customers through a series of workshops and one-to-one sessions in order to gauge their requirements (the solution is not one size fits all).

– Benefits of 3iS FleetVision include the ease of access to data. Data can be inputted in any form (spread sheet, computer program) and brought into the Isotrak system. The customer is able to send the data and Isotrak brokers it and cuts it in a way which is meaningful for the customer.

– Another benefit of 3iS FleetVision is the ability for hauliers who do not currently have a telematics system in place to manually input job information into an ATMS style screen, which can be sent on and inputted into their client’s 3iS FleetVision system.

– Nigel Rawlinson of Wincanton was present at the meeting to provide a real-life perspective of Wincanton’s own journey with regards to implementation of 3iS FleetVision. He commented that Wincanton had learned that 3iS is an involving, long term, project based deployment and something that involves a far business group than first considered. Wincanton are now looking to finalise the implementation for go live in the New Year.

– It has reached a point where Isotrak is looking to brand 3iS effectively and therefore have taken the decision to rebrand as 3iS FleetVision.

– There are multiple possible scenarios for future development of the product so Isotrak will be making tweaks and amendments depending on the needs of their customers following further engagement and understanding of their requirements. Isotrak is adamant that the product direction is led by the customers not by Isotrak.

As 2012 approaches the team at Isotrak are working hard to continue to build strong relations with their fruitful customer and prospect contacts around the 3iS FleetVision solution.

Stewart Oades has experience across all areas of logistics operations, supply and distribution. He progressed through the industry holding senior executive positions at Safeway, Christian Salvesen Distribution plc. and Exel plc. As Group CEO of Christian Salvesen plc. he led the sale of the business, and since 2008 he has pursued a non-executive career which includes roles as Chairman of Wesupply and Netlog. He now sits as President of the Freight Transport Association, and also as non- executive director of Palmer and Harvey and Clipper Group.

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