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Isuzu Truck Apprentice programme adds great value

An Isuzu Truck Apprenticeship offers many advantages. Alongside achieving several nationally recognised qualifications, the programme offers some great additional benefits to both the employer and the Apprentice.

One of the main benefits of the Apprentice Technician programme is Isuzu’s Apprentice tool kit offer. Starting up as a technician can require a huge investment in tools and tool storage so Isuzu Truck has worked with Snap-On tools to be able to offer a complete tool kit including a roll-cab and all basic tooling for around £12-a-week with no deposit. All tools come with a lifetime guarantee and Snap-On is regarded within the industry as being one of the best in the business.

Ben Godfrey of Weston’s Car and Commercial Hitchin was the first Apprentice to join the scheme and said; “It’s a great way to help start my tool kit off. It’s so difficult to pay for tools in one go but this allows me everything I need up-front and supports my Apprenticeship well.”

Ben’s manager Richard Light added; “It’s a good thing that Isuzu Truck understands the cost implications for a young Apprentice when they start to build-up their personal tool kit. The tool scheme offered will also help to form a bond between the Apprentice and the Isuzu Truck brand rather than the Apprentice only having a relationship with the employer at the workplace. Ultimately this must also help promote brand loyalty.”

Overall the scheme saves the Apprentice nearly £600 and also allows an affordable repayment method for individuals under 18 who cannot access finance. It also means that all tools are provided up-front allowing the apprentice to be more independent in his/her work and have a more hands-on approach to learning.

For anyone interested in an Apprenticeship within the Isuzu truck dealer network or wants to find out more about the Isuzu Apprentice programme and future opportunities please speak to the recruitment team on 01923 216176 or email info@skillnet.org.uk.

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