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It pays to be mobile with tower inspections

Equipment status management specialist, Scafftag, has called for users of scaffolding towers to step up their inspection processes, particularly when movements are involved.

Scafftag advises that during the early planning stages of a project it's important to consider ways minimise the number of scaffold tower movements, but where a change in location is made that physically alters the structure's integrity it is a legal requirement to re-inspect.

“It's important to work quickly and efficiently, but cutting corners can prove much more costly than the extra time it takes to perform a simple re-inspection exercise.

“The risks of both short and long-term equipment and employee downtime, coupled with a potential fine or prosecution, simply doesn't make sense. Putting the right systems and processes in place to avoid these expensive repercussions will also help improve overall business performance.”

Scafftag says that mobile towers must be inspected by a competent person who must produce a written report within 24 hours, which is kept on site for a period of three months after completion of the work. Inspections should be carried out:

· Before a tower is put into use

· After all alterations

· After bad or excessively wet weather or high winds or another event likely to have effected its strength or stability

· If the tower remains erected in the same place for more than seven days

The company's own purpose designed Towertag system helps firms comply with legislative requirements and good practices of inspecting and maintaining equipment, while ensuring employees are informed if access or use is prohibited.

Using a unique holder and insert system, Towertag ensures the latest status is instantly visible at the point of use and is specifically designed to show locations and movement references. When the insert is removed from the holder, the prohibition symbol is instantly and clearly displayed.

The insert is able to record up to five tower movements or inspections and the users are encouraged to take the insert with them on a lunch break, for example, to prohibit other workers using the scaffolding in their absence.

Scafftag introduces a new improved Towertag this month (November). The insert will contain a symbol for the safe working load and the holder will specifically state “Do Not Use Tower”.

Scafftag says the same system has been successfully employed by BAA as part of its 'One in a million' health and safety scheme – an initiative to reduce the frequency of accidents to one in every million man hours worked.

The industry leading product is used by thousands of ISO9000 companies worldwide and is weatherproof, UV protected and durable to withstand the toughest industrial environments. Towertag also complies with The Safety Signs and Signals Regulations and can be customised with firm's individual branding and inspection data.

The system can even be electronically chipped to work with Safetrak – an electronic equipment monitoring and recording system – which saves time and costs associated with inspections.

For more advice from Scafftag and to request a free scaffolding and tower inspection guide poster, fact sheet, pocket memo and set of monitoring system guides, please visit: www.scafftag.com/construction

As the same time as requesting the Equip pack, customers can also arrange a free one-to-one assessment carried out by a dedicated Scafftag expert who will advise on safety regulations and good practices and identify ways to improve business performance.

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