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J D Neuhaus air driven hoists from Swindon Lifting supplied to Honda UK Manufacturing

Air operated hoists supplied by Swindon Lifting from the J D Neuhaus Mini range have been successfully deployed on the Engine Block Machining Section by Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd (HUM), at their South Marston Plant in Swindon. Following an initial installation in this production area some five years ago, further hoists have been subsequently supplied.

The hoists chosen for these repetitive lift operations are the J D Neuhaus Mini, with both the 125 and 250kg lift capacities being used. These are very durable, robust units, ideally suited to the conditions and environment in which they are being used. They also use far less air than many other pneumatic hoists and have proved to be a considerable improvement over the wire rope balancers previously used.

More JDN hoists have also been supplied by Swindon Lifting for other operating areas at HUM. These include 500kg capacity models, typically used by plant maintenance services for other heavy duty lifting applications, with a high degree of load control positioning accuracy.

The J D Neuhaus Mini series hoists can be supplied in four lifting capacities up to a maximum of 980kg. These are lightweight products operating at 6 bar airline pressure designed for light/medium duty manufacturing applications. They are suitable for lubrication-free operation, at lift/lower frequencies that on similarly load rated electric hoists could result in burn-out of a motor, brake or clutch. The mini hoists have a wear resistant motor braking system and are Ex rated for use in hazardous areas eg paint shops. They can be supplied with standard lift heights of 3, 5 and 8 metres and pendant controllers are fitted for extremely sensitive load controls and with an emergency safety shut-off valve also provided as standard.

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