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J D Neuhaus announce new Profi 025 Ti lifting hoist unit

One of the recent additions to the J D Neuhaus range of air operated handling equipment is their Profi 025 Ti hoist unit, which is equipped as a Manipulator to facilitate single handed operation for load lifting, lowering, positioning and manual traversing when used in conjunction with an overhead trolley. This unit has a lift capacity of 250kg at 6 bar air pressure, with a driving mechanism group M4 1Am designed for 800 hours operation at full load conditions.

The Manipulator hoist features a hand controller which is permanently fitted adjacent to the lifting hook, ideally situated for where loads need to be moved with precision, positioned with accuracy and otherwise handled in total safety. The general rugged construction, combined with a drive mechanism which is insensitive to dust, humidity and environmental temperatures of -20C to +70C, means that the Manipulator is destined for heavy duty operation. Typical applications include foundries, sawmills and general industries, while the compressed air power source, unlike conventional electric power, does not produce an ignition risk. The Manipulator has an Ex rating II 2 GD IIA T4 X II 3 GD IIB T4 X as standard for operation in hazardous areas. With increased spark protection also available to explosion group IIC, operation in areas where there is a danger from combustible atmospheres can also be undertaken, which includes chemical plants, refineries, offshore and even pyrotechnics manufacture.

The Profi Manipulator is strong, fast, compact and silent in operation, while designed for easy, lubrication-free operation with low maintenance. It offers a sensitive, infinitely variable lift / lower speed control, with an integrated emergency stop, and with load chain and hooks rated at five times the nominal load. A well proven patented motor-brake system is utilised, with a fail-safe starting, low maintenance vane motor designed for oil-free operation.

Telephone: 024 7665 2500
Fax: 024 7665 2555
e-mail: info@jdneuhaus.co.uk

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