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Jayline forklift load protectors reduce warehouse stock losses for M9 Cash and Carry

Sterlinghshire-based M9 Cash & Carry is, as its name suggests, a cash and carry wholesaler. Serving Scotland’s central belt, the company supplies a range of snack foods, drinks, cigarettes, confectionery and over the counter medicines to independent retailers from Glasgow to Aberdeen.

The company’s warehouse facility doubles up as a store and a retail area where M9’s clients are free to wander and select and collect their goods.

Within the warehouse, pallet loads of products are either stored within a compact racked storage area or block stacked on the floor. For additional bulk storage M9 keeps a number of containers within its yard area.

When some stock items are running low, palletised loads are taken from the containers to the warehouse using a counterbalanced truck and stock is replenished directly from the pallet to the picking area before the remainder is returned – still on the pallet – to the container.

The company had been experiencing stock losses due to damage caused by the forklift trucks as they unloaded incoming orders and picked up and transferred pallet loads of product around the site.

In an attempt to stop the wastage the company added Jayline Products’ innovative load protection pads to the carriages of the counterbalanced and reach trucks that operate at the site.

Made in the UK from heavy duty moulded rubber, the Patented protectors fit to the rear face of a forklift truck’s forks and provide a cushioned barrier between the load and the forks. As the pallet is picked up, the protector prevents the load from hitting the forks or the fork carriage with sufficient force to cause damage to the load.

Since introducing the load protectors, damage to goods as they are unloaded from incoming trailers and moved around M9’s site has been all but eliminated.

"Damage to stock caused by the forklifts has dropped significantly since the introduction of the load protectors. These days what stock damage we do suffer is largely caused by negligence and not the forklifts themselves," says Omar Hanif, M9 Cash & Carry’s general manager.

Available in a choice of sizes to fit 4" (105mm), 5" (130mm), 6" (160mm) and 8" (200mm) forks, the Jayline protectors are suitable for use with a wide range of materials handling equipment, including counterbalanced and warehouse trucks.

The load protectors are quickly fitted using a simple yet robust strapping system and their slim profile means that a fork truck’s load handling capacity is not compromised by their use.

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