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JDN winch helps maintain important utilities

A J D Neuhaus Profi puller winch has helped maintain electric power and water supplies for an American city. Routine maintenance procedures performed by the Salt River Project company, responsible for utility services for metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, involved the efficient removal of a refurbished machine rotor from its' protective packaging.

The rotor, weighing several tons, was lifted clear of a production area by overhead crane once it had been pulled clear of a storage and transportation crate. The job of pulling the rotor was handled with a single air-operated winch from the JDN Profi puller range. These products can be safely operated outdoors, even in inclement weather, and provided both the reliability and strength to get the job done.

JDN winches can be supplied for lift or pull operations with load capacities from 500 to 3000kg, including fully portable units with excellent load/weight ratios. Designed for operation at 6 bar air pressure, motor power of up to 6kW can be achieved for the larger winches, ideal for a wide range of on-site handling operations.

They can be supplied with local lever operation as standard, with optional pendent controllers, providing precise operation and either single speed or variable speed controls. An emergency stop feature is incorporated as standard across the range, with overload protection, pressure rollers, rope drum grooving, offshore painting and emergency lowering devices being some of the additional optional features also available with the larger winch units.

All models are also Ex rated to various levels for operation in hazardous areas and under arduous conditions.

Further information is available from:
J D Neuhaus Ltd, 8 Herald Business Park, Golden Acres Lane, Coventry CV3 2SY
Telephone: 024 7665 2500 Fax: 024 7665 2555
e-mail: info@jdneuhaus.co.uk www.jdneuhaus.co.uk

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