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JLT Atom-ic powered warehouse terminal cuts the cost of forklift applications

Runcorn, UK, 12 November 2008 – The new Intel Atom-powered rugged vehicle mount JLT 1214 represents another breakthrough product from the rugged mobile computing pioneer JLT. Developed for forklift truck applications in demanding warehouse environments, the new JLT 1214 offers money saving benefits via its innovative design features that make the device operation-ready straight out of the box.

Incorporating, built in WLAN, dual-diversity Wi-Fi antennas, Bluetooth connectivity, uninterruptible power supply and power stabilisation, the new device offers the ultimate in user-friendliness and needs no further peripherals to get the JLT 1214 up and running. The device simply plugs into the forklift power supply and is ready to go. In addition the device can withstand power outages of up to 10 minutes and can be readily swapped from one forklift to another as it can handle voltages from 9 to 72V DC.

Like all JLT mobile computers, the rugged JLT 1214 is built to take on the most extreme of working conditions, from cold stores to high temperatures. With an IP65 water-tight rating and resilience to shock and vibration, the new device is designed to just keep going, enabling trouble-free operation shift after shift. In addition, the easy-to-use 12-inch touchscreen display allows use in bright and poor light conditions.

This new addition to the JLT portfolio takes in account of direct feedback from JLT computer users worldwide. It incorporates the latest in power-efficient processor technology, including the new Intel Atom running at 1.6 GHz. The computer runs all standard MS Windows programs and connects with all Windows-supported hardware via an abundance of interfaces – 4 x USB and 1 RJ45 10/100-TP Ethernet connection. The JLT 1214, therefore, provides a futureproof investment all round.

“This is an exciting new rugged forklift computer and it exemplifies the JLT approach to rugged user-friendly design in a device that is built to the highest quality. With the new Intel Atom processor on board, customers are assured of excellent operation and longevity to provide excellent return on investment,” says Mark Muslek, Managing Director of JLT in the UK.

Editorial and reader enquiries to JLT's Mark Muslek, tel +44 (0)870 165 1465,e: mark.muslek@cmc.org.uk
web: www.jltmobile.co.uk

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