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JR Adam and Sons uses FleetMatics Live Fleet feature to always update their customers

JR Adam & Sons is a fourth generation family business specializing in the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals into high quality furnace feed, suitable for domestic and international smelters. Over the years the company has continuously improved its operating plant and systems by striving to integrate innovative technology in order to maximize the potential of waste recovery and recycling.

Getting the Best Value for the Money
According to Jake Adam, Director at JR Adam & Sons, "Our fleet of vehicles is one of our most expensive costs. In addition to the cost of the trucks themselves, there are the continued costs of diesel, maintenance, road taxes and insurance. We felt that in order to make sure that we were getting the best value for our money, we needed to implement a vehicle tracking system."

After looking at a number of different GPS fleet tracking systems, JR Adam & Sons decided to go with FleetMatics. "We chose FleetMatics because of the ease of use of the system," claims Adam. "Not only did we like the way the system looked and operated, but the FleetMatics representative was very helpful and friendly."

Decreasing Idling Time and Improving Customer Service
JR Adam & Sons has specifically seen great benefits from the Idling Reports and Live Fleet. "We have seen a 5% reduction in diesel costs due to a decrease in idling times, and I couldn’t run the business without Live Fleet. We realize now that before we had it, we were basically working blind. We would tell the drivers where they needed to go, but we had no idea if they were going the right way, which way they were taking, or if they were stopping along the way at unauthorized places. We were operating at a very high level of trust, and now, with Live Fleet, we can monitor their whereabouts and progress in real time."

In addition to reducing fuel costs and keeping better track of their vehicles, JR Adam & Sons has been able to reduce overtime hours. The drivers are now more productive and completing more jobs per day.

What impresses Adam most about the system is the level of service that they can now provide their customers. "We can now see how far away our vehicles are from a job at any given time. If a customer calls and asks where our driver is, we can quickly say, ‘He is 10 minutes away,’ and they really appreciate that. It is definitely a better level of customer service."

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