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Jungheinrich announces upgraded fork lift reach truck model

Jungheinrich has introduced a new version of its best selling ETM/ETV 214/216 reach truck. The new model offers increased mast lifting and lowering speeds together with improved acceleration.

The new features combine to deliver overall operational efficiency gains of ten per cent while, thanks to advances in the truck’s software, energy consumption during a typical shift is reduced by ten per cent.

The lift height of the new truck has been raised to 10.7 metres which allows racking with a shelf height of up to 10.5 metres to be serviced. The truck can lift and loads up to 1,600 kg while the new model’s residual capacity has also been increased so the truck can now lift loads up to 1,000 kg to heights of over 10 metres.

The truck has been designed to operate within the narrowest aisles. The mast is positioned between the support arms which means that a counterweight is not required and the truck can work in aisles as narrow as 2,711 mm wide: a comparable electric counterbalance truck requires an aisle width of more than 3.2 metres.

To further aid operational efficiency, improvements to the overhead load guard give the driver a clear view of the fork tips and racking surfaces which means loads can be quickly and easily picked up and deposited safely – even high up in the racking.

The operator also benefits from the new truck’s larger cockpit and can adjust his or her sitting position for maximum comfort. The main operating elements are all easily accessible and control pedals are arranged in the automotive style that the operator will be familiar with.

The truck also features a position control system which ensures easy and quick stacking at previously defined storage heights. Load sensors on the truck recognise whether a pallet is at the correct height for put-away or the forks are raised to the appropriate height when retrieving a pallet. This feature means that potentially costly errors during the put-away and retrieval within the storage cube are avoided.

To ensure that the operator does not exceed the weight limit , the truck also features an operation control system which continuously measures the load weight via sensors and synchronises it with the respective lift height of the truck. The driver receives both a visual and audible warning if the truck’s residual capacity is exceeded.

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