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Jungheinrich’s Systems and Projects Division celebrate 10 year partnership with Häfele the furniture fittings, architectural hardware and electronic locking systems provider

Häfele UK’s operation – which is based in Rugby – has evolved and developed over the years in a phased process, using appropriate materials handling technologies whether they be manual, semi automated or fully automated, to produce a flexible system that meets the company’s changing needs.

Over the course of thelast decade, Jungheinrich and Häfele have worked together continuously on a series of development projects involving the design, installation and integration of the widest range of materials handling solutions available. These include:
• 4 order picking cranes serving 7,200 shelving locations for any combination of carton / tote storage;
• 4 manual pallet handling cranes in 4 aisles of racking;
• Complex integration of tote handling conveyor systems;
• 4 pallet handling cranes in 4 aisles of racking, capable of operating in manual and fully automatic modes depending on the time of day and operation required;
• Implementation of an automated small parts handling store incorporating mini load crane technology;
• Implementation of an automated store for handling 800 x 600mm totes to replace an outdated pallet store featuring 3 mini load cranes and a Robotic destacking operation;
• An order assembly system to consolidate picking activities throughout the warehouse operation using miniload crane technology but configured in a unique format.

All of these activities have been implemented while full operations have been maintained with no reduction in customer service levels.

"We realised ten years ago that as our systems became more complex and their integration into our operation at Rugby became more business critical, we had to find a materials handling partner that could supply the total range of solutions we needed and was the sort of company that we could develop a long term relationship with," says Mark Batchelor, operations director of Häfele UK.

He adds: "Jungheinrich has met these criteria. Our relationship is built on trust and Jungheinrich’s close understanding of our business. In fact, Eddie Rowlinson, project manager for Jungheinrich’s Systems Division has become an integral member of our team at Rugby. "

Steve Richmond, general manager of Jungheinrich UK’s systems and project division, comments: "Häfele UK’s operation in Rugby is no ordinary facility. This is an ongoing project that has evolved and developed over the years in a stepped process, using appropriate technologies whether they be manual, semi automated or fully automated where and when necessary, to produce a flexible system that meets Häfele’s changing needs. Making it work relies on trust and a close understanding of the client’s business. It’s a classic partnership."

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