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Juniper Systems’ Archer 2 works overtime with "Best-in-Industry" Battery

Juniper Systems has pioneered the use of new battery technology to extend the hours of use for its newly launched the Archer 2 handheld computer, which offers industry-leading battery life.

According to Juniper Systems, prior to the design of the Archer 2, customer research revealed that battery life was one of the top concerns among rugged handheld users. Customers submitted that they needed a battery that could run their handheld plus additional functions like GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi for a minimum of 10-12 hours. This information initiated efforts to select a battery for the Archer 2 that would provide the considerable power and reliability that customers wanted.

Archer 2’s battery uses ‘Overtime Technology’ that provides longer runtime in cold temperatures using technology adapted from hybrid car batteries. The battery lasts long past the desired 10 to 12 hour range, and even above 20 hours in some conditions, while still powering additional functions and connected accessories.

In addition to the excellent runtime the battery technology offers a longer lifespan and holds a full charge much longer than traditional batteries used in most rugged handhelds. It also has superior quick-charge capability, which can be provided via a vehicle charger. The Overtime Technology battery can charge up to 70 per cent capacity in as little as 45 minutes charge time.

"The research and effort that went into the implementation of the Overtime Technology battery was an exercise in meeting customer needs," said Simon Bowe, General Manager of Juniper Systems Ltd. "Our goal from the start was to give our customers what they wanted, and in this case, what they wanted was a superior battery that could run all day long, while powering needed gadgets. We believe we’ve met that need. The Archer 2 battery’s performance is truly remarkable."

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