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K3 releases SYSPRO 7 to the UK

Users of K3 Syspro’s advanced Enterprise Resource Planning Solution (ERP) are set to benefit from the very latest version of the software after the company released SYSPRO 7 to market.

The latest version of SYSPRO provides users with greater scalability, mobility and performance to effectively streamline business processes. Styled upon the latest Windows technology, the intuitive solution brings active tiles and touch screen capabilities to its existing user interface, enabling manufacturers and distributors to easily create tailor-fit environments for their own system, which will operate like a home built solution, but without the maintenance and upgrade disadvantages. SYSPRO 7 has already earned plaudits all over the world with countries such as Australia and South Africa commending its efficiency.

As with all SYSPRO upgrades customers can benefit from SYSPRO 7 regardless of the model they are already using, without incurring any incremental charges for the software.

Andy Latham, Managing Director of K3 Syspro explained how this is possible: "SYSPRO 7 is an upgrade, not a different product with a different upgrade path. This means that any SYSPRO user can take advantage of an upgrade to the latest version of the software. We strive to pick the right solution for every individual customer."

Software upgrades to SYSPRO 7 will be available for every UK user of the solution and those that do choose to upgrade will also benefit from the new SYSPRO Espresso mobile solution. SYSPRO Espresso is a new mobile platform which allows users of SYSPRO ERP to access vital business data in any location at any time for device agnostic data collection and transaction processing. It is one of the first platforms of its kind to use a single source codebase to create native applications for any mobile device, with built-in powerful customisation capabilities for both the end-user and developers to engage. K3 Syspro has over 450 customers in the UK and each of them will be offered the same access to SYSPRO Espresso through the upgrade programme, regardless of what solution they are already using.

Paul Roebuck, Sales & Marketing Director said: "We understand that not every business is ready to start using ERP in a cloud environment and that on premise deployment of ERP is still a more convenient option for many businesses. We always take time to understand the needs of our customers and pick the right deployment models for them, not necessarily the methods that are easier for us. This is why we are continuing to make upgrades of SYSPRO available to every one of our customers, regardless of how they are currently using the solution, and this ethos will not be changing any time soon."

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