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Kaiser-Whale demonstrates on the streets

When the team at Whale Tankers got together to discuss the best means of extolling the virtues of its flagship product, the Kaiser-Whale dirty water recycler, their decision was unanimous – let’s use the tried and trusted demonstration route was the rally cry. An effective solution, as it brings together both customer and supplier, working together on often demanding contracts in the field.

Not surprisingly, the Kaiser-Whale is currently in the process of completing a gruelling eight-week demonstration circuit that has already seen it travel the length and breadth of the country, not to mention spending a week away from our shores in Ireland. And boy has the project proved successful so far. With two of Whale Tankers’ most experienced team on hand to demonstrate the Kaiser-Whale’s wares, Commercial Director, Chris Anderson and Sales Administration Manager, Andy Norris, it didn’t take long for the first customer order to come forth. Indeed at the time of going to press, Whale Tankers has already received two official orders and is optimistic that others will follow shortly.

Commenting on the decision to demonstrate the Kaiser-Whale out on the road, Whale Tankers’ Commercial Director, Chris Anderson said: "Whilst supporting the product in such a manner is a costly exercise, it proves how committed we are to the Kaiser-Whale. By taking the product to the customer, we have been able to give them the opportunity to witness first hand how effective it is when operating in the field. And in short, all of the customers who have been involved, and this includes a mix of industrial, utility and municipal sector operators, have been bowled over by its performance.

"Despite the fact that the Kaiser-Whale is a complex piece of capital equipment, those who got the chance to operate it couldn’t believe not only how operator friendly is was, but how fool proof the operating system is. Quite simply, it is almost impossible to press a wrong button. Customers were also surprised and overwhelmed by how versatile the Kaiser-Whale is across a number of previously unidentified applications," he added.

With some 30 units now in operation since the first Kaiser-Whale entered service just over four years ago, the product is already well established here in the UK, having attracted the attention of a number of private and public sector operators. Developed by Whale Tankers in technical partnership with Kaiser AG – an acknowledged leader in water recycling equipment in Europe – the specialist unit recycles the water it uses during jetting operations, therefore maximising time spent working on site and thereby minimising time spent off it taking on supplies of fresh water.

"It is the sophistication yet simplicity of the technology deployed on the Kaiser-Whale that differentiates it from other recyclers," states Whale Tankers’ managing director Mark Warmington. "Largely, this centres on a jetting and vacuum pump, both of which are dedicated to recycling, and a single stage filtration system which helps make the vehicle significantly lighter and more durable. In addition to delivering obvious payload benefits, being able to recycle water used during jetting operations not only makes environmental sense given that water is a scarce and increasingly expensive resource, it maximises time spent working on site rather than taking on fresh supplies onboard."

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