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Kardex Industriever, the proven solution for maximum density parts handling and retrieval

Robust vertical carousel system gives users the best possible combination of storage density and quick, ergonomic access
Inventory access specialist Kardex has updated its popular and effective Industriever range of vertical carousel systems with the very latest integrated inventory management and access software. Capable of operating either as a central inventory store or as a fully integrated on-line parts access system, the Industriever system requires only a few square metres of floor space to manage anything from miniature electronic components to parts 2.5m or more in length.

By combining the new, flexible software system with the best principles of ergonomic handling and goods-to-operator delivery, the Industriever system allows tremendous time savings during picking and delivers increases in stock accuracy. Accuracy levels of over 99 percent are frequently achieved in practice. By ensuring that parts are always delivered at a comfortable working height, the Industriever system eliminates around 80 percent of the manual handling effort typically associated with static shelving systems.

Industriever systems use a series of shelves rotating under fully automatic control. Advanced picking and sequencing algorithms, which can operate in standalone mode or integrate with all the major warehouse management systems, minimise travel time and ensure the highest possible levels of operator productivity. The vertical carousel configuration allows the highest possible storage density and best use of limited floor space. High value goods can also benefit from a comprehensive range of fire protection and suppression systems. While full operator ID and access control minimises the risk of stock theft.

“The Industriever system has been continuously evolving for nearly two decades,” says Richard Price, Marketing Services Manager at Kardex Systems UK. “Thousands of production applications have helped us to product a rugged, efficient and reliable system. These latest software advances help our customers to squeeze every last drop of productivity through high levels of integration and efficient inventory management.”

Industriever shelves are available in three widths, three depths and a range of heights according to user requirements. The system's modular design allows customers to select the optimum configuration for their application, from small workshop-scale parts stores to the largest warehouse application supporting loads of up to 650kg per shelf. The size and location of picking positions within each shelf is fully user-configurable, allowing the system to evolve as user requirements change.

As with all Kardex automated systems, customer requirements are evaluated by specialists prior to system design and followed by turnkey installation. Mission-critical reliability is ensured by the nationwide network of Kardex service and support engineers, 24/7 back-up and remote diagnostics capability.

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