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KAUP Carrying Ram attachment helps improve paper reel handling

KAUP Carrying Ram attachment helps improve paper reel handling for container transport

The transportation of paper reels, especially for overseas transportation is traditionally a very complex task. There is a large amount of risk involved during this process due to the repeated action of loading and unloading, whilst also ensuring the reels are stacked in the safest possible way for transport.
More and more bulk goods are now being transported in dry freight containers as the goods only require to be loaded and unloaded once. Additionally, goods transported by dry fright containers are protected from adverse weather conditions. This makes it the ideal transportation method for paper reels.

However, the framework conditions of these containers bring an enormous challenge when it comes to loading the paper reels. Reels of liner board are a typical example they have a diameter of up to 1.250 mm with a length of 3.800 mm and can weigh up to 4 tons. They can neither be stacked standing ‘eye-to-the-sky’ nor loaded crosswise behind each other. The only feasible way of loading is for the reels to be loaded horizontally and for every second roll to be stacked higher in order to make use of the full space within the container. To prevent damage and slipping of the roll the second roll is then secured with a support mechanism which could be a wooden or cardboard pedestal ‘BestBlock’, lashing straps and/or air cushions between the rolls.

To pick up this type of load and transport it to the container there needs to be a considerable lateral displacement placed as close to the container wall as possible. The only way to pick up the paper reels from the front is to lift it through the cardboard core which the paper is coiled. This type of loading requires specialist requirements for both the forklift and attachment.

To overcome loading issues, KAUP have produced a customised Carrying Ram which has a capacity of 3.800 kg at 1.400 mm load centre. The ram diameter is 92 mm which enables lifting through the cardboard core. A maximum sideshift stroke of ± 575 mm also ensures that stacking paper reels flush to the container wall is possible.

The KAUP carrying ram offers a high level of visibility through and over the attachment and is also available in ISO-Class 3 for handling smaller reels with a capacity of 2.500 kg and a load centre of 1.400 mm. KAUP also offer a version with a maximum sideshift stroke of ± 875 mm for handling reels with a diameter of 600 mm and a capacity of 3.800 kg with a 1.400 mm load centre.

This specialist attachment is available throughout the UK from B&B Attachments, the leading fork lift truck attachment company in the UK and Ireland. B&B prides itself on providing the most comprehensive range of attachments for all industry sectors. This includes solutions for ancillary systems, such as cameras and weighing systems from leading manufacturers, such as KAUP, Liftek and MoTec, whilst also designing and manufacturing bespoke, specialist attachments in-house for customers with unique requirements.


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