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Kewill adds Hub and Gateway functionality to global freight forwarding solution

Kewill, the leading provider of innovative software for global trade and logistics, has released the latest version of its freight forwarding solution, which now incorporates hub and gateway functionality, offering increased efficiency for global freight processing and better financial visibility throughout the supply chain.

A key advantage of hub and gateway is the increased visibility it offers users throughout the entire process, ensuring that each entity involved in the transaction is informed about the upcoming shipment details from when the booking is first made, to allow for up-front planning. The new hub and gateway functionality supplies the documentation required for each stage of the shipping process, which helps to ensure that all necessary declarations are made, on time, and that all paperwork is completed to ensure the smooth running of the entire transaction.

Users can now view exactly which shipments are arriving and when, meaning that they can plan space requirements accordingly based on the chosen transportation method. This is especially helpful in relation to air freight, which has a fast turnaround time and thus relies on key information at an early stage. Full visibility also aids with financial planning, as users can now view the weight and value of shipments up front, meaning that they can manage their finances accordingly; along with other calculations, such as assessing profit margin. Whilst this makes life easier for all involved, the system allows for privacy levels to be adjusted at a user/role level, controlling who is able to gain access to the information without compromising security.

Ritu Rooney, Global Product Manager for Kewill Forwarding, comments: "Freight forwarders are highly commercially focused. They don’t want to expose commercially sensitive information, but the individuals responsible for managing the systems can apply very specific access criteria for information such as revenues or profit share. With Hub and Gateway, it is possible to configure privileges and permissions according to the precise needs and hierarchy of your operation and it is not difficult to administer."

In addition to the core services, there is a new ‘Value Added Services’ module to assist with more specific ad-hoc requests that do not involve traditional air, sea or road shipping; for example, moving a container from one location to another. Even if this entire process has as little as five steps, it can be streamlined by utilising the usual work flow, meaning that operators can now attach electronic documents, have a service plan and view track-and-trace.

Rooney concludes: "Hub and Gateway enables an electronic supply chain and ultimately, less complex operations. The more automated the process is, the more likely users are to follow it. Even though this release is the most functionally rich yet, the user interface is the most intuitive and configurable."

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