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Kewill, global trade and logistics software provider, proves scalability and performance for Global Solutions

Kewill, the leading provider of global trade and logistics software, has carried out a rigorous programme of scalability and performance testing for its global freight forwarding solution, Kewill Forwarding, to prove its ability to scale.

The scalability and performance tests were designed to clearly demonstrate that Kewill Forwarding can support large numbers of users in real-world deployment scenarios with integration to other systems. Testing was conducted at the state-of-the-art IBM Innovation Centre at Hursley, UK – IBM’s largest global Innovation Centre which supports IBM Business Partners in enabling and performance testing their applications on IBM hardware and software.

Proven scalability is an extremely important characteristic for any business critical software solution and means that business decision makers can select Kewill Forwarding with confidence, knowing that it is proven to be able to scale to meet the needs of their business today and in the future. Testing was therefore carried out in an environment designed to be representative of an enterprise level global freight forwarder – configured to support multiple hierarchies, covering all modalities and featuring multi-currency and multi-lingual options.

The scalability tests started at 400 users, scaling up to 9,000 users and the results show that as users are added to the system, response times can be maintained at less than three seconds by adding application servers and database servers, and that response times can be reduced by the addition of server hardware. The test results also show that the time for a user to complete a full, end-to-end business process remains consistent regardless of the number of users on the system.

This is crucial for freight forwarders of all sizes who need to be able to expand their operations quickly in order to meet the rapidly-changing demands of an often fluctuating global market. Powered by a single, global database, Kewill Forwarding supports operations worldwide without the negative impact of synchronisation issues or degradation in performance at peak times and allows new offices or divisions to be added simply by investing in additional servers in a central location.

Jacquie Boast, Chief Operating Officer at Kewill, commented "Global freight forwarders’ operations are very complex, and few other types of organisation will experience more challenges in terms of multiple hierarchies, peaks and troughs in demand, and regional customisations for language and currency. The test results clearly demonstrate Kewill Forwarding is a robust and scalable solution that delivers consistently well for users worldwide, and provides forwarders with an effective and flexible platform to merge, acquire and grow organically."

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