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Kewill release new version of web-based EasyTrade order management & invoicing solution

Kewill, a provider of innovative software for global trade and logistics, has announced a new version of its web-based EasyTrade order management solution, which enables open community collaboration between organisations and suppliers for the electronic exchange of orders and e-Invoicing. Enhancements include a document print management module which enables suppliers to easily produce labels in the correct style for their retail customers.

Kewill EasyTrade is an easy-to-use, intuitive web-based solution that allows suppliers to transact electronic business documents, such as orders, purchase orders, despatch notes, delivery notes and invoices, with a single or multiple trading partners. Accessible via a straightforward web interface, with minimal user training or set-up required, the solution is cost-effective for even small suppliers.

All automated EDI transactions are conducted at the supplier end without having to install any specialist software or hardware locally, and Kewill continuously works with major retailers to ensure data is exchanged in their preferred format and follows the correct workflow.

Kewill EasyTrade Web Edition version 18 includes the new document print management module which is configured individually for each retailer, enabling suppliers to automatically print labels in the appropriate size and format, including logos and bar codes, using the data held within the system. Labels are then simply printed on a standard office printer using standard stationery, reducing production costs as well as the obvious efficiency savings of not having to re-key data, and no risk of error.

Other enhancements in the new release include the introduction of a forecasting model, allowing retailers to share forecasting data with their suppliers for improved planning, the facility to print price catalogues, simpler delivery location selection and improved invoice archiving. Kewill EasyTrade version 18 will be rolled out to existing customers over the coming weeks.

Andrew Dalziel, Vice President Marketing and Product Management at Kewill "Almost 1,000 customers use the Kewill EasyTrade web platform today for the exchange of orders and invoices, and they exchange in excess of 575,000 documents per year. All that is required to use EasyTrade is a PC with Internet access, dispelling the myth that electronic trading is beyond the budget or IT capabilities of a small business. By continuing to invest in our entry-level solution, Kewill is helping to break down the barriers to the wider supplier adoption of eCommerce that will improve visibility and deliver efficiencies throughout the retail supply chain."

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