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Key management company Traka offer high security for casino keys

Effective key management is a vital part of security for any business, but in casinos, where large numbers of sensitive keys are handled every day, it is particularly crucial. With changes to legislation, Casinos are also required to comply with the Gaming Act which is rigorously enforced. Key management specialist Traka has a proven reputation for key access control with full auditing and reporting procedures, at casinos around the world, from North and South America to Europe, Russia the Canary Isles and of course the UK.

Traka’s unique iFob technology – the ‘silver bullet’ – offers secure and reliable key management by means of a chip which gives each key a unique electronic ID. Keys are securely attached to the iFob with a tamper-proof seal and the iFob’s electronic tagging enables each key user to be individually audited. Traka cabinets can house anywhere from ten to 360 keys, enabling key control for all areas of a casino – on large sites, multiple cabinets can even be networked around the building.

Traka’s systems are controlled by a high performance software package, Traka32, which networks all cabinets with a SQL database to control the access permissions of different users. The software also provides a full audit of key transactions in easy-to-read on-screen and printed reports.

With the high security levels required in casinos and the need to guard against fraud, Traka can implement multi-level key authorisation for master keys and keys to particularly sensitive areas, such as counting rooms, drop boxes, chip stores and cash hoppers from slot machines. Access rights can be set individually for different employees and each user is identified by a PIN code combined with a swipe, or a biometrics device from an existing access control system. Even once the Traka cabinet is open, users are still only permitted access to designated keys.

"The casinos where Traka has been installed have been amazed at the difference it’s made to the ease and efficiency of their key management," says John Kent, managing director of Traka. "With the complete user accountability given by the system, there is no longer any need for lost or mislaid keys or poor security. In particular, Traka offers significant savings in time and paperwork and increased productivity as a result allowing security staff to do their job."

Traka provides a range of extended features, including curfew warnings, SMS or email alerts for critical key transactions and LED illuminated key strips, showing clearly which key to take and where to return it. Significantly keys can be paired which means for instance, drop box open keys are not accessible until drop box release keys are returned to the Traka cabinet. This provides an extra automated level of security ensuring no one has both sets of keys at the same time. The system can even be integrated with Traka intelligent lockers for storage and management of portable equipment and cash.

Traka is used extensively in the UK and around the world and the company continues to develop the system as new improvements and technologies arise. Traka is used in many different market sectors, among them Distribution and MHE Management; Fleet Management; Property Access Control; Casinos; Petrochemical and Mining; Airports, Docks and Railways plus Military and Emergency Services.

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