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Key management specialist Traka launch stand alone touch screen system

Key management specialist Traka has boosted its extensive product range with the launch of a stand-alone touch-screen system. The Traka Touch is an independent, intelligent device that simplifies key management whilst improving accuracy and efficiency.

The Traka Touch makes keys available to authorised users 24/7, working independently of any server or IT network. The Touch is a sophisticated key management solution where everything is controlled via the touch screen on the front panel: from the initial set-up of users and keys, right through to day-to-day access. Its ‘plug and play’ system uses embedded Windows® software and is both fast to configure and easy to use. However, its inherent simplicity doesn’t prevent it from providing high-level data. Management reports can be viewed directly on screen or exported via a USB port and the system has full audit capability, retaining a complete history of all transactions.

Everything needed to install and implement the Traka Touch system is contained in the unit itself: all the customer has to do is plug it in. There’s no need for a connection to an IT network and no server is required to manage the database. Significantly, the system uses an internal solid state memory and memory card to retain audit capability for all key transactions.

Each user must be identified at the cabinet using either a PIN code, a magnetic swipe card or biometric fingerprint recognition. Individual access levels can be pre-set and LED displays confirm which keys are available to particular users when they access the cabinet. Searching for an ‘out-of-system’ key is easy and the Traka Touch will also indicate who took it and when. This feature is invaluable if users need to know who accessed the store room out of hours last Friday, or who was driving the white Transit two weeks ago!

Technically, the Touch has been developed with the quality and attention to detail that customers have come to expect from Traka. Features include a full-colour 7" touch screen, embedded Windows CE and SQL server database and a solid state memory holding over 250,000 events – all supported by a voice-synthesised help facility. Its reporting functions enable transaction reports to be displayed on the screen, showing information such as who accessed a key and when it was returned. By plugging in a USB memory stick, reports can be exported ready for printing or use on a PC. Automatic data back-up to a removable SD card protects the records held on the Touch whilst an automatic battery back-up, with a soft close-down in the event of battery drain, ensures no loss of data.

During extensive trials in various markets and environments, the Traka Touch proved to be extremely popular. "Early feedback from the marketplace is very encouraging," says Martyn Baker of Traka. "A leading UK retail chain reports improved key management at store level. The company now plans to install one at each of its stores in the UK. It’s a brilliantly simple but effective solution, which makes key management straightforward both for staff and managers. And, because it’s stand-alone, it’s easy to deploy locally, without having to involve staff from the corporate IT team or head office."

"The Traka Touch is a very exciting development for us," adds Martyn Baker. "We’ve used the latest embedded processing technology to give an advanced key management system which doesn’t need to be integrated into customers’ existing networks. It’s been designed and developed as a highly versatile and cost effective key management tool."

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