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Kinesis Equips Vintage Mini Cooper Fleet for Tracking Small Cars in a Big City

Kinesis equips Vintage Mini Cooper Fleet for tracking small cars in a big city

Vehicle tracking from Kinesis is helping to monitor and manage a fleet of vintage Mini Coopers operated by smallcarBIGCITY. The company, which offers London sight-seeing and corporate entertainment tours, has installed telematics to track the movements of the lovingly restored classic car fleet from any internet enabled device. smallcarBIGCITY can now instantly locate Lulu, Mildred, Jules and the rest of the named Mini Cooper fleet. Kinesis is also providing additional intelligence including driver and vehicle performance data, location and event-based alerts, and integration with fuel cards from UK Fuels for additional fuel-use analysis.

“Over the years we have been approached by many tracking companies but as a start-up, with a small fleet of classic cars, usually driven by our own team of experienced local guides, we just couldn’t justify their costs,” commented Tony Grant, Head Gasket (Managing Director) of smallcarBIGCITY. “Kinesis is different, at an affordable monthly cost the solution provides integration with our fuel cards and a host of functionality and benefits beyond just tracking. Kinesis is the perfect partner for our ‘girls’… Sorry, I mean cars!”

Using GPS technology Kinesis gives smallcarBIGCITY comprehensive visibility of its fleet with the location of each Mini updated every 30 seconds and displayed against an easy to interpret map screen. The live vehicle tracking can also be used to view congestion and traffic adjustments can be implemented to amend routes if necessary.

Kinesis integrated fuel cards help smallcarBIGCITY reduce paperwork associated with credit card or expenses claims and improves the management of fuel consumption with accurate MPG calculations potentially assisting in decreasing costs and environmental emissions. Kinesis can also deliver driver performance data, including speeding, harsh braking and accelerating and idling, which can be used to monitor and improve driver behaviour for health and safety and cost control.

“Simple things like knowing where a car is allows us to make informed decisions,” continued Grant. “We can also monitor mileage, trip duration, fuel usage and driver behaviour, essential as we expand the fleet and develop new trips and services.”

Listed number one in greatest things to do in London by Time Out, smallcarBIGCITY offers a range of services for event companies, travel operators, media agencies and distinguished private travellers. London’s smallest private hire fleet, smallcarBIGCITY was voted ‘Top London Attraction’ by TripAdvisor, recently had its Italian Job tour featured as Unordinary Trip of the Month by travel portal InfoHub.com and has more than 35,000 happy customers.

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