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Kingspan Packaging solutions offer cost-effective protection for the white goods supply chain

Retailers and suppliers of electronic and electrical goods can reduce logistics costs and increase sustainability, without compromising safety during transit, by adopting lightweight packaging solutions from Kingspan Protective Packaging (KPP).

Easy to damage items of many shapes and sizes, like computers, food mixers, electric fans, microwaves, televisions, dish washers, fridge freezers and ovens, need maximum protection in the supply chain to ensure the end user receives them in pristine condition. Replacing broken goods is costly, both financially and to a company’s reputation.

A leading global provider of moulded and cut packaging solutions, KPP is part of the long-established Kingspan Group and can mould high performance polystyrene (EPS) into any shape or form, irrespective of how simple or complex the item is, providing lighter loads and fewer lorries on the road.

Using the latest computer design techniques, KPP can customise packaging to tightly fit the smallest electrical component or the largest fridge-freezer, while ensuring the packaging is 100% fit-for-purpose.

The excellent lightweight, versatile and environmentally friendly qualities of EPS – it is fully recyclable – coupled with smooth printable surfaces for displaying product information, offers supply chains reduced packaging weight and easier handling and storage distribution, with no loss of quality or durability.

EPS’s outstanding shock absorbent and compression resistant properties provide excellent protection and help to minimise costs caused by damaged domestic appliances, saving on warranty issues, resources of energy, materials and transportation.

Large and heavy goods like cookers go through many hands in the distribution chain. EPS makes sure that no matter what happens en route the products arrive in customers’ kitchens in perfect condition. It is 98% air, making it one of the lightest materials available and thereby helping to reduce fuel consumption compared to other packaging.

KPP has over three decades’ experience in developing moulded packaging for multiple industries worldwide and it is the expertise garnered over this time that has helped forge its reputation for innovation and reliability.

Packaging division sales manager, Sanjit Dosanjh, said: “We have the experience and facilities to customise packaging to ensure quick and accurate project turnarounds. All our packaging can be bespoke. Customers can have integrated pallets, cushioning curves or just corner cups if they don’t want to enclose the whole product.”

Space efficiency and a reduction in the overall weight of the packaging means less effort is required for handling, cargo space is maximised and less energy is exerted on logistics. Innovative lightweight packaging solutions from KPP can deliver these advantages and more for the delivery of white goods.

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