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Kingspan products make light work of packaging solutions for the supply chain

Adopting lightweight packaging can help manufacturers in all sectors gain a competitive edge by reducing logistics costs and increasing sustainability without compromising the safety of goods during transit, says Kingspan Protective Packaging (KPP).

KPP, part of the €1.8bn Kingspan Group, is targeting UK companies with a range of high performance polystyrene (EPS) and polypropylene (EPP) packaging that can provide lighter loads and results in fewer lorries on the road.

A global specialist provider of moulded and cut packaging solutions, the excellent lightweight, versatile and environmentally friendly qualities of EPS and EPP, coupled with KPP’s expertise, offers supply chains reduced packaging weight and easier handling and storage distribution, with no loss of quality or durability.

Already being widely used in the manufacture of motor vehicles and for safely transporting electrical and electronic goods, the outstanding impact-resistant properties of both EPS and EPP also help to minimise costs caused by goods broken or damaged in the supply chain, saving resources of energy, materials and transportation.

EPS is 98% air, making it one of the lightest materials available, adding very little to the weight of the product thereby reducing fuel consumption compared to heavier packaging, while its thermal properties, cooling gel packs and Vacuum Insulated Panels are invaluable for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals.

Cold chain distribution is synonymous with exceptional performance thanks to two intrinsic properties – insulation and shock resistance. The outstanding shock absorbency of expanded polystyrene packaging from KPP guarantees the protection of temperature sensitive products en route to markets around the world reliably and sustainably.

EPP is more rigid but still extremely lightweight and energy absorbent packaging, ideal not just for transporting items like printers, computers and televisions, but also for reducing vehicle weight as a bumper, seat or dashboard component. Both EPS and EPP are fully recyclable where facilities exist.

Kingspan has over three decades’ experience in developing insulated products for multiple industries worldwide and it is the expertise garnered over this time that has helped forge its reputation for innovation and reliability.

KPP’s packaging division sales manager, Sanjit Dosanjh, said: “We have the experience and facilities to meet customers’ bespoke requirements, no matter how large or small. For heavier or larger goods Kingspan can mould EPP into any shape or form irrespective of being simple or complex.

“There are increasing demands for top quality packaging that reduces environmental impact, makes logistics cost savings and, of course, offers premium protection. Kingspan’s extensive expertise in EPP and EPS moulded products can not only bring significant savings, but a sure-fire opportunity for future innovation and development in the supply chain.”

Space efficiency and a reduction in the overall weight of the packaging means less effort is required for handling, cargo space is maximised and less energy is exerted on logistics. Innovative lightweight packaging solutions from KPP can deliver these advantages and more for many industrial sectors.

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