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Klimate High Speed Doors

Klimate High Speed Doors, a leading specialist designer and manufacturer of high speed doors based in the UK, have manufactured, supplied and installed a high speed door on behalf of Dome (UK) Ltd.

Based in Bristol, Dome (UK) brought the EuroDome design to Europe in 1992 as a suitable purpose made building to fulfil the covered salt storage duty at low capital cost and with negligible maintenance costs. It uses timber stressed skin panels, as timber is virtually the only structural material with which salt is compatible. If salt is allowed to mix with water to produce brine it is capable of destroying most other building materials. Brine, however, is a natural preservative of timber.

The Dome provides a solution for covered salt storage thus eliminating the problem of salt leaching from uncovered piles into nearby watercourses, ground water and vegetation. It is designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and its timber construction will absorb sound from vehicles operating inside the salt store.

The Klimate High Speed Door that has been installed at a Dome (UK) application for a salt depot in Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, has been used as an alternative to a metal roller shutter door and is helping optimise the flow of traffic, making the salt store easily accessible whilst also protecting against the influx of rain.

Director of Dome (UK) Ltd, Mike Owen explains: “We have used standard metal roller shutter doors in the past but have found that these are quickly corroded by the salt. Our decision to install a Klimate High Speed Door was based upon recommendation and knowledge of existing successful applications in salt mines in Cheshire. We had also seen the doors in use at a power station. We are now beginning to use higher doorways to allow vehicles to pass through when tipping and wanted something that would open and close quickly which would also reduce the level of driving rain access to the building. The Klimate High Speed Door offered the ideal solution”.

Chris Halsall, Technical Sales for Klimate High Speed Doors said: “product preservation is a key factor for many of our customers. With adjustable opening and closing speeds of up to 2 m/s depending on the size of the door, the fast acting operation of the Ardent range is attractive to companies such as Dome (UK) Ltd as the doors can prevent the influx of wind and rain whilst also achieving an uninterrupted and uninhibited flow of traffic and the heavy duty PVC curtain also acts as a sound barrier and is ideal for reducing the spread of noise. The doors can be used for numerous other applications and can benefit most factory environments by reducing heat loss to provide valuable energy savings, by overcoming the problem of slow loading and unloading of goods and by preventing the ingress of airborne pollution, pests and vermin and to prevent heat loss in applications where hygiene standards are important.”

Dome (UK) Ltd have been so pleased with the installation in Hull that they have now decided to place a second order.
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