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KMax Total Cost of Ownership Programme is the way forward for InTransit

Family owned transport company InTransit has successfully adopted Goodyear’s total cost of ownership programme. The programme, which is made up of Goodyear’s latest product and service offerings, is aimed at providing fleets with the tools they need to lower their operating costs.

InTransit started working in partnership with Goodyear two years ago and since then has seen year on year improvements in its tyre performance.
"Before we signed with Goodyear we were on budget tyres and suffering from reliability issues," says Barrie Smith, Managing Director at InTransit. "The real eye opener for us was when we fitted a test set of Goodyear tyres, and after only a short period of time into the trial we could really see the benefits of fitting premium tyres. Most noticeably we suffered less tyre breakdown related issues, a better wear rate and an increase in overall tyre performance."

In October 2013 InTransit fitted Goodyear’s KMax tyres to its fleet vehicles. KMax is a dedicated mileage line for on-road applications offering higher mileage and better all-year round performance than previous Goodyear tyres. Compared to Goodyear’s RHS II and RHD II+ tyres, the KMax can delivers up to 35% more mileage, with all year round performance thanks to the improved traction and full winter tyre conformity of the drive tyres.
Smith continues: "Since fitting the new KMax range we have looked closely at the performance of the tyres, especially the service life. The KMax has provided improved mileage performance, without compromising on other important criteria such as fuel efficiency and traction."

The programme is not just about new tyres; InTransit also takes advantage of Goodyear’s retreading capabilities. Goodyear’s premium retreaded tyre, TreadMax is fitted onto trailers across InTransit’s fleet.

"As a fleet operator we require products that can minimise the cost we spend per mile per vehicle" adds Smith. "Retreaded tyres such as the TreadMax can play a major role here. The tyres use the same materials, tread designs and technology as the new tyres they replicate. This means for around 80% of the cost we get the latest technological advances that deliver lower rolling resistance, reduced fuel consmption and high mileage, which all support the efficiency of our fleet."

Goodyear’s total cost of ownership programme doesn’t stop with products. InTransit also utilises Goodyear’s truck tyre service and breakdown support arm, TruckForce. The network provides the fleet with a bespoke tyre husbandry programme that is targeted at getting the best possible performance out of the tyres fitted to the fleet. To do this accurately and efficiently InTransit take advantage of TruckForce’s innovative FleetOnlineSolutions (FOS) and FOSMobile systems, which take care of all aspects of contract administration.

FleetOnlineSolutions (FOS)
FleetOnlineSolutions (FOS) has revolutionised the way in which fleets operate by providing an internet based management system that manages all running wheels by position, as well as a fleet’s re-usable stock.

FOS Mobile
FOSMobile enables a TruckForce Service Engineer to collect data such as tyre tread depths, pressures, serial numbers and odometer readings, and then send this information via the handheld device to FOS Servers. Within ten minutes, all data can be accessed by fleet operators at a click of a button, providing a clear snapshot of the condition of the tyres on their fleet.

"Since taking up the FOS system we have seen a reduction in administration and invoicing errors, the full reporting suite provided allows optimal technical and financial tyre management information to be available at our fingertips. This complete and instant information allows us to work in partnership with TruckForce to identify and prevent any issues with our tyres before they occur. Through our efficient tyre husbandry programme tyres are maintained at the correct pressure, tread depth and in the best possible condition, therefore we are only paying for what we need and are not purchasing additional tyres unnecessarily."

FOS and FOS Mobile allow TruckForce to fulfill its commitment to provide a value for money offering that delivers a complete tyre life cycle management and care service to individual fleets.

Smith concludes: "We have been working with Goodyear for around two years now in developing the best bespoke total cost of ownership programme for our fleet. Goodyear has provided us with a package that covers every area of tyre maintenance and performance. Throughout the two years we have seen an enhanced performance from our vehicles and through fitting Goodyear’s latest KMax tyre coupled with its meticulous level of service through TruckForce we expect to see that trend continuing."

We Take You Further
‘We take you further’ is the theme of the Goodyear stand at this year’s CV Show, highlighting Goodyear’s aim in its product and service development programs to support customers in their businesses and help them to be more successful.
This means introducing tyres with a lower cost of ownership model while at the same time offer service and solutions to fleets to minimise their management time and maximise the return in investment from their tyres.

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