Hytera logistics and distribution two way radio communication product solutions


By Bob Jane, Business Development Manager, SSI Schaefer. maximise efficiency of a storage facility – the building and its internal storage installation – you must first consider the prime objectives of the operation.This could vary from simply holding material in long term storage, where items are rarely called upon, for example; archive records, data storage or slow moving parts – the main objective being storage density, security and accuracy of location. Or to fast moving high throughput warehouses where fast access, accurate picking, rapid replenishment and 100 percent availability is the priority, for example; Pharmaceuticals, Retail Mail order and E-Commerce.Appropriate manning levels and investment in Automation and the best fit Material Handling Equipment is also vital if you want to maximise profitability.
There are many critical factors to consider when selecting the right type of racking – Where are you going to build it? What are the unit loads? Who much do they weigh? How much material is there? How will the material be handled – on pallets, stillages or loose? What type of Material Handling Equipment will be used? Will it be safe? How fast do you want to access the stock? The environment will also play a large part, if the materials are hazardous, what type of surface finish is needed? Will the racking to be built outside? All of these questions and factors have to be considered before a decision can be made on the most appropriate form of storage.In today's logistics market, companies should be looking for suppliers with additional added value services which include project management and the positive integration of other trades. Installation of labelling, warehouse signage and floor markings are other additional services to consider, along with design planning, with consideration of current building regulations, local authority approvals, ongoing storage maintenance, financial planning and equipment leasing.Selecting the best solution from the right supplier can be the hardest part of the exercise.It all depends on your plan, length of investment (short or long-term) and overall strategic organisation.
You have to select the best fit based on all known factors and ensure the decision can be justified from all sides. Businesses should look for a company that produces quality products that are correctly specified for the job with financial stability and longevity to ensure your supplier will be there to support you in the future.

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