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Kobelco extends its recycling range

Specialist machinery for specialist recycling jobsites

As a leading manufacturer of demolition and recycling equipment, Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME) is pleased to announce the introduction of its latest multi-dismantling tool to the European market. The SK140SRD-7 represents the next generation in innovative recycling machinery and follows Kobelco’s stunning PERFORMANCE X DESIGN concept for state-of-the-art ergonomics and design.

In a world where environmental concerns are high on the agenda, automotive recycling is big business. Around six million vehicles reach the end of their useful lives in Europe every year, but their component metal parts, including steel, iron and copper fibres, as well as glass and plastics, can be recycled or reused. However, automotive recycling is a specialist industry, and the process is extremely intricate and complicated.

While in many ways its body looks like a conventional Kobelco excavator, the SK140SRD-7 has been designed specifically for multi-dismantling applications and can strip end-of-life-vehicles (ELV) as well as engines, white goods, goods vehicles, aircraft and marine transport, quickly and efficiently. The machine’s dedicated HD boom has been reinforced with thick steel plates to resist twisting, while the sides and back of the HD arms are reinforced with thick steel plates and a rock guard. The reinforced frame provides the durability and strength to withstand automotive dismantling work, handle heavy loads and tearing operations. The lower frame has a uniquely designed circular swinging section to ensure the operating range of the clamp arms while maintaining the required strength.

“The main benefits of using specialist machinery, like the SK140SRD-7, to dismantle cars and other vehicles is the increased productivity and reduced labour/operating costs. For example, the SK140SRD-7 offers approximately four times the vehicle dismantling capability compared with hand dismantling, bringing real tangible benefits to any reclamation business. In addition, its Short Radius (SR) design means that it is best suited to smaller-to-medium size jobsites where space may be cramped, such as smaller recycling jobsites and inside warehouses.”

KCME Product Marketing Manager, Peter Stuijt


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