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Komatsu Division announces the new 1.5 to 3.5 ton Diesel or LPG AX50 and BX50 series

The new AX50/BX50 forklifts, characterized by revolutionary solutions, promise to be bestsellers capable of offering numerous advantages in terms of comfort, safety and productivity.

Milan, 28 June 2005 – Komatsu Division, the Komatsu Forklift Ltd. division that distributes forklift trucks in Europe, has introduced the new AX50/BX50 forklifts series to the market. Developed in Japan with highly innovative characteristics, in terms of both technology and design, the new AX50/BX50 series are produced directly by the plants in Europe with the comfort features and options demanded by the market.

The AX50 series is available in four models, 2 with diesel engines (FD15T-20R, FD18T-20R) and 2 with LPG engines (FG15HT-20R, FG18HT-20R) with capacities up to 1.5 and 1.75 tons, depending on the model.

The BX50 series is available in eight models with capacities of 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and the new 3.5-ton super-compact: FD20T-16R, FD25T-16R, FD30T-16R, FD35AT-16R with diesel engine; FG20HT-16R, FG25HT-16R, FG30T-16R and FG35AT-16R in an LPG version. The 3.5-ton compact model is Komatsu's most obvious adaptation to the standards of the European market.

Komatsu 's reliability is enhanced by a new floating aluminum transmission with expanded cooling that allows constant high performance from the truck even during intensive use. Each model employs a specially developed engine for the optimum balance of power and superior environmental performance. All engines comply with the strict governmental regulations EPA Tier 2/EU Stage II on gas emissions.

“I am pleased to be able to announce these new products, which we consider a feather in our cap: they are the result of the creative and technical efforts of our R&D department. After seeing them in operation in our Tochigi plant, I am absolutely certain that they will be greeted with unprecedented success,” said Eiji Fukuda, General Manager of Komatsu Division. “Komatsu has put these models in production directly in its European plants, many new options are available directly from the factory. Moreover, the 3.5-ton model BX50 is a novelty for the European market.”

Particular attention has been paid to the factor of safety and this led to the implementation of innovative solutions on the models of the AX50/BX50 series: in fact, Komatsu is the first manufacturer to supply the market with devices conforming to Directive ISO:3691, that is blocking all hydraulic functions and truck operations when the operator is not on board for more than 3 seconds.

One of the strong points of these new models is the “Dual Floating” system, new and unique on the market, which reduces vibration during driving with a combination of shock-absorbers on the cabin and transmission unit that reduce operator fatigue and stress and increase productivity, even after hours of work. Even the new design contributes to making driving more comfortable: in fact, the operator cabin is higher than on models made for the Japanese market and this facilitates access to the driver's seat, while the OSS seat, in addition to being wider and cushioned by shock-absorbers, is 375 mm from the steering wheel, 50% more than in previous versions.

“Every characteristic of the new AX50/BX50 trucks has been designed to increase our customers' productivity and we take great satisfaction in this,” said Davide Turati, Sales Promotions Manager of Komatsu Division “For example, the comfort provided by the Dual Floating system and exceptional visibility provide better working conditions and, in the long run, this is a fundamental aspect in terms of hourly yield”.

The BX50 series is characterized by its SLHS hydraulic system with tandem pump that allows lifting loads twice as fast at low engine speeds, thus offering significant value added in terms of productivity. Other important characteristics of the new series are the control on setting the handbrake, unique accessibility to components and an anti-rain design completed by a new electrical cabling system which makes the BX50 truck work very well even in the coldest climates.

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