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Konecranes industrial cranes supply Corus and Parker Steel with magnetic equipt cranes

Konecranes UK’s Industrial Crane Division in East Kilbride are to supply Corus in Scunthorpe and the Parker Steel Group in Shoreham with cranes fitted with magnetic equipment for steel handling.

At Corus’s Long Products base in Scunthorpe Konecranes are to supply a 25t LV crane and a 10t SM Semi-Goliath both of which will be fitted with Corus’s own supplied magnet equipment.

The 25t LV crane spanning 39mts will have a single hoist trolley with two hooks spaced at 4mts. The trolley comprises a base frame and a top frame that has partial rotation ability for load alignment purposes. The SM Semi-Goliath will operate on a 15mt span. Both cranes will be fitted with Konecranes performance enhancing technology, including Konecranes DynAC inverter variable speed on cross and long travel motions and Konecranes DynAHoist closed loop inverter variable speed control on the hoist. Other features include Radio control and Konecranes ControlPro Safety and a performance condition monitoring control unit that extend the crane’s life, enhances performance and safety and ensures that maintenance requirements are scheduled to suit actual usage, and unscheduled shutdowns are avoided.

The contract worth £477k will be delivered in December.

At the Parker Steel Group’s steel stock yard near Brighton, Konecranes will supply a 16t SMTD crane operating on a 36mt span and fitted with two 8t SMT trolleys. All magnet equipment is being supplied by Konecranes.

The SMT stands for SMARTON, which has an intelligent, yet easy-to-use Human Interface to Machine (HIM) system keeping the user continuously up to date on not only the weight of the load but also its position relative to the available workspace. In addition, the crane monitors its own condition and recommends when and what kinds of inspection or preventive maintenance should be performed. This way, the customer can better plan and minimize maintenance shutdowns, thereby maximizing uptime and saving costs.

SMARTON’s evolutionary design is based on significant improvements in crane technology in proven modular components and features. This means that the crane can easily be updated with smart solutions, such as automated positioning, sway prevention, extended speed range, defined working areas, maintenance monitoring or remote diagnostics, to meet evolving changes in a customer’s business and process needs.

This SMT crane will also have Konecranes DynAHoist and DynAC closed loop inverter variable speed control systems, Remox (HIM) radio control with a spare transmitter, anti-collision between this crane and an existing crane, anti-collision on the trolleys, true vertical lift with anti-sway features to ensure load stability.

The magnet equipment includes quick release mechanisms allowing different magnets to be interchanged quickly to suit different load types. Each individual magnet can rotate 90deg to suit load widths. The crane can also be used as a normal hook crane.

Because the crane and magnet equipment will be operating in the open air close to the sea, the crane control panels and junction boxes will be stainless steel and the crane and magnets will be painted with a special marine environment paint treatment.

This order will be supplied in February 2011.

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