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Konecranes introduces TRUCARE extended warranty packages

Seeking to constantly increase the efficiency and relevance of its maintenance and service product offering, Konecranes – one of the world’s leading lifting equipment manufacturers – has re-launched its TRUCARE remote service package. First introduced in 2012 as part of Konecranes’ family of remote service products, TRUCARE has been remodelled into a more dynamic and modular concept that is designed to better serve the needs of customers from across a host of industry sectors.

Created to deliver enhanced performance and increased productivity of lifting equipment, whilst maximising return on capital equipment investment, TRUCARE is aimed at customers that have bought new cranes and who seek to explore the benefits of what amounts to a cost-efficient extended warranty service. Included within TRUCARE are three distinct packages – TRUCARE Basic, TRUCARE Plus and TRUCARE Premium.

TRUCARE Basic is a low-cost extended warranty package that can be taken out for up to ten years. The Basic service offering covers extended warranty, TRUCONNECT remote monitoring and reporting, and periodic compliance inspection (excluding load testing).

TRUCARE Plus stands as a more comprehensive extended warranty package, again available covering a ten-year period. The Plus service offers the added security for customers by benefiting from the incorporation of MAINMAN Planned Maintenance.

TRUCARE Premium is a fully comprehensive service product available for the first five years of a crane’s life that not only incorporates the individual elements offered by the Plus package, but the opportunity for customers to cover the replacement of wearing parts. TRUCONNECT remote monitoring and reporting in this instance is also supplied with all-important safety alerts.

Benefits central to all three packages include:
* Reduced or minimized financial risk.
* Easier maintenance budgeting.
* The benefits of remote monitoring.
* Ease of facilitating OEM service
* Fulfilment of statutory inspection requirements.
* Increased reliability and safety.

Commenting on this latest development, Service Director, Wayne Branton said: “The decision to make TRUCARE a truly modular service offering is aligned to Konecranes’ vision of providing customers with simplicity of choice, whilst giving them the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of what stands as a cost-effective service and maintenance package. We are confident that the decision to re-model TRUCARE in this way will be readily accepted by both existing and new service customers. Any of the TRUCARE packages can only be purchased during the first two years of a crane’s life.”

tel. 0844 324 6599
eml. mts.uk@konecranes.com

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