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Konecranes ordered for Shropshire Energy from Waste project

Engineering contractor Clugston Construction, announced at the beginning of April that it has – in collaboration with its engineering partner CNIM – begun construction on Veolia Environmental Services’, energy-from-waste (EfW) plant in Battlefield, Shropshire. Konecranes UK’s Industrial Crane Division, has been awarded the contract to supply two specialist waste handling cranes to operate at the new Shropshire site.

The contract is to supply two 5t grabbing cranes rated FOER A8/M8 duty and using Konecranes range of DynA Invertor variable speed control on all motions. The cranes will be fully automated, but also capable of manual or semi automatic control. Working on a 13.5 metre span, the cranes will have Konecranes DynaPilot Anti-Sway system which will automatically dampen sway and reduce operator fatigue, stress in structures and mechanical components, this also allows the bunker walls to be avoided, even with a grab that could be swinging where by the swing is taken out of the operation and thus avoiding grab damage through pit wall collision as this is the biggest source of downtime if collisions occur.

The cranes feature galvanised mesh platforms and handrails, festooned long and cross travel power supplies, condition monitoring, PLC control, operators chair and back up radio control for mounting in the clients control room. Also featured is Konecranes DynAReg system where unused power is fed back into the electricity network, reducing operating costs, reducing the size of the control cubicles and removes the need for resistances that would be used to absorb this power. The system is generally termed as network braking and comes into effect when lowering and deceleration is in operation.

The cranes worth approx 1m Euros will have 3cu/mt waste handling ‘orange peel’ grabs and will be delivered at the end of the year.

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