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Konecranes’ parts operation celebrates ISO Accreditation first

Konecranes’ UK parts operation is celebrating having kick-started 2014 by announcing its success in becoming the first parts distribution centre within the global Konecranes group to achieve integrated ISO quality, environmental and health and safety accreditation.

Indeed this latest development reaffirms that Konecranes UK remains on target to deliver its two-year corporate objective of securing blanket ISO accreditation across each sector of its business ahead of the year end – industrial crane manufacturing, service and crane maintenance, machine tools and parts.

As Paul Nagy, Konecranes’ Director Head of Parts said: "Each and every member of the UK parts team is delighted to share in what is an unprecedented and fantastic achievement within Konecranes globally. It is testimony to the hard work, effort and endeavour that everyone has shown when it comes to the three core areas of health and safety, quality and environmental. What’s more, it demonstrates to our constantly expanding customer base that our parts are supplied in a controlled manner and via a robust and proven systems infrastructure. It also emphasises the importance that Konecranes UK places on securing internationally recognised quality accreditation marks at all levels. This will now hopefully give them continued confidence to partner with Konecranes across all aspects of the cranes and lifting equipment supply chain."

Based at Konecranes’ UK Head Office in Castle Donington, the UK parts operation accommodates some 5,000 individual and immediately available items that translates into a parts stock inventory of more than £1million. The Konecranes UK parts operation is coordinated by a 23-strong team that helps support a 24-hour emergency call out service that Konecranes operates.
Having taken the strategic decision to achieve integrated ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 accreditation status for each part of its core business units within a two-year timeframe at the start of last year, Konecranes has already secured a number of accreditation milestones in addition to the latest one announced for its parts operation. In August of last year Konecranes’ crane manufacturing business became ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited and is now on track to secure ISO18001 certification this August. Likewise Konecranes Machine Tool Service, which already holds the ISO9001 quality standard, is aiming to add ISO14001 and ISO18001 to its name in July.

Commenting on the decision to deliver an integrated quality standard policy, Konecranes’, Director of Market Area – West Europe, Pat Campbell said: "Konecranes has always recognised the importance of quality accreditation. Indeed Konecranes was one of the foremost advocates of the ISO9001 quality mark that was first introduced over 20 years ago. Across all aspects of our business, quality remains of paramount importance, hence the decision to adopt a fully integrated approach at the start of last year. We are delighted with how successful the strategy has proven to be so far, and everyone is looking forward to bringing the two-year plan to fruition later this year.

"We know how important our customers view accreditation, and understandably so. In fact it is an area that more and more blue chip clients are insisting on suppliers demonstrating. As such it is an area that will continue to benefit from ongoing investment. Indeed I can confirm that Konecranes quality team is already looking into the future requirements of quality standards such as ISO14001 and ISO18001 and it will be their task to ensure that our processes continue to evolve and develop within what is a dynamic environment. Finally, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge AFNOR, our third party accreditation partners, for their ongoing help and assistance," he added.

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