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Konecranes sees crane modernisation programmes increase

Konecranes one of the world’s leading lifting equipment manufacturers – is reporting a continued rise in the popularity of crane modernisation programmes and across an increasing number of industry sectors. In addition to this in part being driven by continued pressure on capital expenditure, both small and blue chip corporates are realising the benefits of tapping into a process that can prove to be just as an effective tool in providing the latest productivity, technology and safety standard advances, but at a fraction of the cost.

As Derek Hicklin, Commercial and Development Manager at Konecranes here in the UK states: "Despite the fact that many economies appear to be clawing their way back to something that resembles a healthy position, it will not only be companies that remain competitive by keeping abreast of technical change by investing in it, it will also be those that have the dynamism and foresight to explore exactly what the best options are when it comes to increasing productivity.

Whilst most production, manufacturing and operational managers/directors would probably prefer to see their operation’s continue to invest in new technology, this is not always the best course of action, and suppliers to the lifting business such as Konecranes has a duty of care to help present the best options dependent upon a whole host of criteria," he added.

Crane modernisation schemes broadly fall into one of two categories: pre-engineered upgrades and engineered crane modernisations. Within the former process, Konecranes offers upgrades and smaller improvements that can be applied to equipment conveniently at a customer’s site or sites. These upgrade services improve the functionality of the cranes, therefore cutting down on the incidence of repeated failures that often result in inconvenient downtime and associated increase in cost.

Commissioning is done in a planned manner and within a short time frame to minimise disturbance to production. Pre-engineered modernizations can include hoist replacements or other upgrade packages such as overload protection.

Engineered modernisations are projects for overhead cranes and port cranes. Here experts in crane electrics, mechanics, and automation combine to deliver a complete and often turnkey solution.

Before recommending which route is the best option for a client, it is important to focus on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), a process centres on using the specialist skills of your lifting equipment supplier to provide a detailed examination of older equipment as a means of determining the requirement for upgrades in order to maximise both operating efficiencies and investment.

Before recommending any form of crane modernisation, Konecranes will take an inventory of performance needs and examine the reliability of existing structures to prevent potential safety issues. Konecranes will also examine the condition of parts and recommend replacing those with the greatest wear and tear. Armed with this information, Konecranes will then recommend the most cost-efficient upgrades that are required, but always keeping in mind the existing materials and structure.

In summation, when considering what the best option may be when it comes to either replacing or modernising lifting equipment, it is worth keeping in mind the old adage ‘forewarned is forearmed’. Maintaining or increasing productivity can often be achieved just as effectively through the process of crane modernisation, but before choosing what is exactly the best course of action, it all starts with taking council from specialists such as Konecranes.


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