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Konecranes TRUCONNECT, the future of remote monitoring and reporting

Standing at the forefront of Konecranes’ renowned service business is TRUCONNECT – an innovative remote monitoring and reporting system that has been the subject of extensive field tests. Presently available on Konecranes’ wire rope CXT and open winch SMARTON cranes, TRUCONNECT offers a number of benefits to customers by helping them optimise crane maintenance, increase operational safety and maximise usage leading to improved productivity.

As Konecranes’ TRUCONNECT Product manager, Adam Batsford comments: "TRUCONNECT has been piloted by a number of customers and the feedback so far is extremely encouraging. The system is yet another Konecranes service innovation that is designed to help customers get the most out of their cranes and lifting equipment. Its true benefit lies in the ability for customers to improve overall operational safety, as it gives them access to important crane operational information in real time, which in turn gives them confidence to plan actions and make informed decisions regarding maintenance investments and productivity."

Collection of valuable crane usage data is via a remote condition monitoring unit that relays information relating to a variety of operating characteristics through to a dedicated online customer portal. The information gathered is them compiled periodically at Konecranes’ Remote Data Centre before being supplied as easy to interpret reports that include information on the following areas:
·Safety – overloads, emergency stops and hoist over temperatures.
·Operating statistics – hoist motor starts, work cycles and running hours.
·Service life – hoist brake, hoist machinery and hoist structure.

What’s more, where remote monitoring and reporting is in place, a focused selection of safety-related data (eg overloads and overheats) can be transmitted via email or SMS after an event occurs, enabling the customer to take prompt action.

Whilst TRUCONNECT is supplied with all wire rope CXT and open winch SMARTON cranes, the system is not automatically switched on and has to be activated by a Konecranes service branch. It is currently available free of charge for six months on all new CXTs.

Looking to the future, Konecranes is already in the process of working on enhancing its TRUCONNECT service offering by seeking to include a variety of distinct remote services, ranging from periodic data reporting to real-time diagnostics, technical support and production monitoring.

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