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KONECRANES UK to supply cranes for Siemens Austria new power plant

East Kilbride crane manufacturer KONECRANES UK, working in conjunction with Konecranes Berlin office, wins contract from Siemens Austria.

The order is for two 370 tonne SMD cranes with 25t and 2t Auxiliary hoist and two 100 tonne SMD cranes with 3 tonne auxiliary hoists on a monorail. The cranes will operate on a 28 metre span. REMOX radio control with fixed pendant back up to operate at high level will be fitted along with KONECRANES renowned state of the art crane technology components including KONECRANES DynA inverter variable speed control on all motions, girder and trolley platforms, ControlPro condition monitoring on each hoist, festoon cross crane cabling, floodlights, ultimate hoist and lower limit switches and direction limit switches on all crane motions.

The cranes operate in 2 separate turbine halls, each hall will have 1 x 370t and 1 x 100t crane. To give added protection each crane has anti-collission between the cranes to avoid collisions.

The 370 tonne crane will have a load limiter which is linked to cross and long travel zone limit switches to ensure the 370t load can only be lifted in designated areas in the turbine hall. In all areas the crane is rated for 140t loads.

The cranes will be delivered to Belgium in May/June 2010.

Cordeel NV orders KONECRANES for new Romanian shipyard

East Kilbride based KONECRANES UK has been awarded the contract to supply two
100 tonne SMD cranes each with two 50 tonne hoists running at 36.5 metres span to its new Romanian shipyard project.

The cranes are fully equipped with KONECRANES DynA Invertor variable speed control systems on all motions and are radio controlled with a master slave radio control facility which enables one operator to control all 4 hoists on both cranes. There is anti-collision control between cranes and end of travel limit switches. Each hoist has control and ultimate limit switches.

All hoists feature KONECRANES ControlPro Monitoring where the unit monitors the hoist operation, providing overload detection, brake wear monitoring, and calculates the crane hoist duty allowing 100% planning of maintenance activities to suit the actual duty. The unit also stores and records the number of cycles, overload attempts and temperature trips.

They are also fitted with overload protection, thermistors, ultimate limit switches on each hoist as well as the normal operating hoist/lower limit switches, 2-step travel and traverse limit switches, along with girder and trolley platforms, festoon cables, floodlights, panel lighting and panel heating.

The order worth 1.4m Euros will be delivered in March.

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