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Konecranes UK wins contract to supply cranes to Entsorga SpA for Wiltshire’s first MBT plant

Konecranes UK Industrial Crane Division has won the contract to supply two waste handling cranes to a new £20 million resource recovery centre in Westbury, Wiltshire. The site, known as Northacre RRC, is owned and operated by Hills Waste Solutions under an agreement with Wiltshire Council for treatment of Wiltshire’s waste. Northacre RRC will use mechanical biological treatment (MBT) technology to process 60,000 tonnes of household waste per year and reduce the proportion of Wiltshire’s municipal waste sent to landfill from 37% to less than 20% The automated 8 tonne cranes, operating on a 20.73 metre span, will be integrated with the project’s own automated system for waste processing.

The process, developed by Entsorga Italy, treats municipal solid waste, carrying out recycling and producing a solid recovered fuel The biological treatment harnesses the bio-energy within the organic fraction of the waste by triggering an aerobic fermentation that generates heat used for waste drying and reduces the weight by 30%. Further mechanical refinement removes inert material, metals and undesired plastics.

The cranes to be supplied by Konecranes will use specialized grabs to be mounted on the cranes, which have been designed in conjunction with Entsorga Italy. When fitted to the cranes the grabs will automatically lift and carry the waste to its varying treatment and separation stations. The cranes will be fitted with KONECRANES own DynA range of Inverter controls on all motions and will have KONECRANES DynAPilot Anti-Sway system which will automatically dampen sway and reduce operator fatigue, stress in structures and mechanical components. As well as fully automated control the cranes have KONECRANES Remox radio control for manual operation and maintenance duties.

The cranes will have advanced condition monitoring of all functions, ensuring proper and correctly planned maintenance activities to suit the crane operation and provide alarms to the control room of any malfunction or stoppage that may occur in this demanding environment.

The cranes are designed to operate side by side on a common runway, 24/7 and will feature ESP/CPR cabling, KONECRANES own GL waste handling trolley which features a unique design where the grab control and power cables are fed via the rope drum and not from a cable reeling drum, thus eliminating a source of possible failure in years to come. The GL trolley has true vertical lift, IP65 enclosures, motor and brake protection covers, totally enclosed machinery and gearing, and by having a direct rope connected grab the use of pulleys is eliminated. The trolley features upper and lower limit switches, cross travel limit switches (magnetic type), ultimate hoist limit switch and rope to drum protection by a pressure roller that is running above the rope.

The cranes have as standard, overload protection, slack rope detection, magnetic type limit switches on travel, disc brakes on all motions, girder and trolley galvanised platforms, painting to C5M specification on the structure, festooned rubber cables with stainless steel support trolleys on cross and long travel festoons, buffers on cross and long travel motions. As is standard on all KONECRANES waste handling cranes, they have KONECRANES own DynAReg braking control where the cranes during lowering and deceleration operations regenerates electrical power which is fed back into the network, thus reducing operational costs and removes the need for external braking resistors.

The control panels for each crane will be mounted in two client supplied E-rooms, with air conditioning, where the equipment is protected from the waste environment.

The cranes will be delivered in April 2012. Construction of the MBT plant is due to be completed at the end of 2012. This will be followed by several months of testing and commissioning, with the plant being operational from late summer 2013.

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