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KONECRANES UK wins Meath waste to energy contract

KONECRANES UK, based in East Kilbride in Scotland, has won the order from the INDAVER N.V. PM Group in Belgium to supply the Waste to Energy Facility in Co. Meath Ireland which will be managed by the local Ivander company in Ireland. The management contractor P.M. group in Ireland will oversee the build.

There are two KONECRANES GL WTE cranes, each being 9.5 tonne capacity municipal waste handling cranes and fitted with 6.3 cubic metre capacity grabs.

Both cranes use KONECRANES range of DynA Invertor control on all motions and they will be 3 shift fully automated, working on the same runway with at 26.5 metre span, but can also be manually or semi automatic controlled when required. The cranes will have KONECRANES DynaPilot Anti-Sway system which will automatically dampen sway and reduce operator fatigue, stress in structures and mechanical components, this also allows bunker wall impacts with the grab to be avoided, even with a grab that could be swinging whereby the swing is taken out of the operation automatically and thus avoiding grab damage through pit wall collision and this removes the biggest source of downtime when collisions occur.

Each crane has an operators chair equipped with a touch screen monitor, these are located in a control room supplied by the client. This allows the crane to receive commands by simply touching the screen and also for the operators (or those checking periodically the automated operation) to see alarms remotely of things like delivery truck locations, hopper levels, etc. and to allow remote reset. Other information is also displayed like the weight of each load, average load handling.

The crane control panels are also remotely mounted off the cranes and are located in an E-room, supplied by the client in the building, away from the aggressive atmosphere of the waste pit.

The cranes are each supplied with 56 metre long travel festoon cables, spare grapple and long travel rails. The order will be delivered June 2010.

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