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KONE’s new elevators to use 50% less energy by 2010

KONE will release a range of elevator offerings during 2009 which will reduce energy consumption by 30%, compared to its current volume models. Furthermore, KONE targets a 50% energy consumption cutback in its elevator offering by the year 2010, compared to its previous offering.

Powered by the energy-efficient KONE EcoDisc® hoisting machine, the next generation of KONE machine-room-less elevators to be launched in 2009 will combine new regenerative solutions with impressive stand-by energy saving capabilities. Additional energy-efficient features such as LED lights in the elevator cabins are also improvements which will allow a total reduction of 30% in energy consumption.

“Buildings account for approximately 40% of the world's energy needs and elevators can account for up to 10% of a building's energy consumption,” says Jussi Oijala, SVP, KONE Technology. “Based on this, we see great potential to further reduce the impact of buildings on the environment by offering innovative and energy-efficient solutions to the market.”

For many years now, KONE has been developing innovative solutions to improve the movement of people in buildings worldwide while decreasing its impact on the environment. Since its commercial launch in 1996, the KONE EcoDisc® hoisting machine has cumulatively saved the electricity production equivalent of a typical power plant. This figure represents avoiding the consumption of 2,000,000 barrels of oil, or the emissions of 100,000 cars driving the earth's circumference.

KONE placed environmental issues high on its corporate agenda when launching its new development programs, one of which was environmental excellence, in early 2008. Key actions include initiatives to manage carbon emissions from its operations, schemes to develop innovative and eco-efficient People Flow™ solutions to save energy in urban developments, as well as actions to ensure its suppliers fulfill certain eco-efficiency requirements.

For additional information and to read an interview with Jussi Oijala, SVP, KONE Technology, visit www.kone.com/press.

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