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Laird releases new Operator Control Units for use in explosive environments

Laird, a global technology company, announced the release of two new intrinsically safe operator control units (OCUs), the LRC-M1-IS and the LRC-L1-IS. Both units are approved for use in highly explosive environments including oil and gas rigs, petroleum processing and chemical engineering plants. They are part of the CattronControl™ globally compliant family of remote control systems for cranes, lifting equipment and a diverse range of other machines.

Adding these intrinsically safe units to the CattronControl™ line of products enables users in hazardous environments to benefit from the freedom of movement and associated increase in productivity and safety that remote control brings. An operator is able to safely position themselves to best advantage without being tied to a manual control station or wired pendant. Both OCUs employ advanced dual processor electronics and safety critical software which are protected in an ergonomic and robust housing that is well-suited for use in demanding industrial environments.

New features include an external memory button, allowing facilities to quickly deploy spare units by simply swapping the memory button between the operating unit and a spare. This minimizes downtime and the number of spares required to support the overall operation. Additionally, the units are approved for Zone 0 use which allows continuous exposure to the explosive atmosphere. This approval requires the products to tolerate two concurrent faults without causing a condition that could create a hazardous situation. The battery will last for 12 hours of continuous use, but can also be changed while in the hazardous environment which minimizes downtime.

“Our customers safety and productivity were the top priorities in developing intrinsically safe remote controls for use in these hazardous environments," said Rick Morse, senior vice president for Laird. "To meet the needs of a variety of customers, we were able to design multiple models for a range of applications that not only deliver safety, but increase efficiency and reduce costs for our customers as well.”

The LRC-M1-IS is a mid-sized OCU, while the LRC-L1-IS is a full sized unit. Both are available as engineered units to suit specific application requirements.

The North American UL913 / CSA22.2 #157 version will ship beginning in October and the ATEX version will ship beginning in November.

With world-class engineering and RF expertise, Laird continues to develop technologies and capabilities that make a wirelessly connected world possible. Laird’s Wireless Automation and Control Solutions have helped prevent serious injury while increasing efficiency and productivity by allowing the operator to move to a safer, more efficient location.

Laird’s Performance Materials Division designs and supplies electromagnetic interference shielding, thermal management solutions and signal integrity products for the smart phone, transportation, IT/telecoms, medical and consumer industries worldwide.

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