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Lander Automotive sits comfortably with Barloworld Handling

For Lander Automotive, a leading supplier of tubular and seating products to the European automotive industry, space is a major issue in both the manufacturing and warehousing areas. This was the main factor in Lander's decision to update and standardise its fleet of forklift trucks and improve uptime with the help of Barloworld Handling.

“We have found that the basis of a good working partnership is transparency on both sides” comments David Alexander, Projects Coordinator for Lander. “Barloworld Handling listens to our problems and concerns and provides us with the right trucks and solutions.”

On Barloworld's advice, Lander changed the layout of its goods-in storage area, to allow easier access for the trucks, and to reduce damage. To work in the storage and finished goods areas, Barloworld supplied a new fleet of Hyster R1.6, 1,600kg capacity Matrix reach trucks. Fitted with 360° steering the Reach trucks enable Lander to work easily in the aisles, putting away raw material in the form of steel tubes, in racking 5000mm high. When required, steel tubes are removed by Hyster J1.60XMT, 1,600kg capacity electric forklift trucks and transported to a designated area.

The J1.60XMT trucks are also used to load and unload curtain–sided vehicles between 40 and 50 times a day. As the loads tend to be a mixture of pallets and banded pipes of various sizes, all the trucks are fitted with a fork positioner to ensure fast loading and unloading without the need for manual intervention.

The operation at Lander Automotive works 24/7 and so maximum uptime of the fleet is essential. One area where Barloworld Handling has helped to ensure this is through its 'PowerFactor 4' Total Battery Management service in conjunction with Hoppecke batteries. Barloworld supplied Trak Air batteries that incorporate an air circulation system, reducing charging time and emissions produced by charging, by up to 75%. In addition the system decreases the need to top up the battery to approximately once every 3 months, and also allows opportunity charging without damaging the battery.

“We have developed a very good working partnership with Barloworld Handling with a clearly defined structure to work to” David Alexander adds “Also the operators find the Hyster trucks extremely safe and comfortable to drive”.

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