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Langmead preserves freshness and quality

Sassenheim, 25 April, 2006 – Langmead specializes in the production of conventional and organic greens for the retail, catering and food processing industry. Being in control of their cold chain forms a critical part of Langmead's overall supply chain, and for this reason, the company has chosen to work with Sensitech.

With today's customers demanding superior quality produce throughout the year, it is a critical advantage for the retailer if they can meet such demand. On the supplier side, it is equally important to deliver consistent product quality throughout the year, and thus cold chain monitoring provides an additional benefit – brand protection. For these reasons, Langmead closely monitors its salad products with Sensitech's TempTale® temperature recorders, to ensure that their products reach the retailer in optimum condition.

Langmead has operations in both the United Kingdom and the South-Eastern part of Spain. “It is our mission to deliver fresh, high-quality salad products, both under our own brand and as private label products”, says Danni Minguez , quality manager at Langmead Espana S.L. “Therefore, we feel it is important that our product reaches its final destination – the consumer's plate – in pristine condition. In order to minimize the risk of quality loss, we monitor all our critical processes, so cold chain monitoring forms an integral part of our overall supply chain.”

Aside from the conventional products, Langmead sees an increasing demand for healthy, good quality produce, grown in an ecologically responsible manner. “The demand for organic produce is climbing steadily, year after year,” continues Justin Edgell, commercial director of Langmead España S.L.. “Obviously, we apply the same quality principles to our organic product line. So cold chain monitoring is equally important here.” Langmead España S.L. will be increasing its usage of TempTale, temperature recorders for it´s new packed baby leaf salad lines available in Europe from June 2006.

“We are excited to see the increasing demand and need for cold chain monitoring within the fresh produce industry throughout Europe”, finds Carel van Oosterzee, vice president and managing director of Sensitech Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Our office based out of Barcelona has excellent relationships within the Spanish fruits & vegetables market and we will continue to work with the fruits and vegetables companies in the whole of Europe, specifically the Mediterranean area, Middle East and Africa on optimizing their cold chain to ensure premium product quality and maximum shelf life.”

About Sensitech
Sensitech is the leading provider of cold chain visibility solutions that enable global leaders in Food and Pharmaceuticals to track and monitor assets across the supply chain, protecting the integrity of their temperature-sensitive products. Our product portfolio includes comprehensive analytic services, enterprise software systems and validated data acquisition devices. Sensitech's head office is based in Beverly, Massachusetts, United States. Its regional head office for Europe, Middle East and Africa is located in Amsterdam (Sassenheim), the Netherlands. Sensitech also has offices in Barcelona, Calgary, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Melbourne, Paris, Redmond, and Santiago with service and distribution offices around the world. For additional information about Sensitech, call Sensitech EMEA at + 31 (0)252 211 108 or visit www.sensitech.nl

About Langmead
Langmead is an innovative and ethical supplier of quality salad products. The company has production sites in both West Sussex, United Kingdom as well as Murcia in the South Eastern part of Spain, spreading over 5,000 acres of farm land. The company provides products 'year-round' to major retailers, food processors, wholesalers and the catering industry in the United Kingdom and across Europe. Innovation, quality and corporate responsibility are key values within the organization and it is committed to the delivery of quality fresh produce to its customers. http://www.langmeadfarms.co.uk

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