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Laser International the Kent-based global logistics provider

has introduced a number of Schmitz Cargobull's MEGA curtainsided trailers with VARIOS Top Technology to its extensive fleet.

The new trailers will be used to bring express consignments of BMW Parts from BMW's Central Warehouse to its UK distribution centre in Bracknell. Laser has handled BMW's express deliveries from Germany for some years but, to minimise empty running, was recently awarded one of the contracts for the outbound route which involves the transport of empty stillages back to Germany from the Bracknell site.

With extra trailer capacity needed to cope with the extended contract, Laser chose curtainsided MEGA trailers with VARIOS Top Technology trailers not only because their internal dimensions allow one metre high parts stillages to be triple stacked but, thanks to the VARIOS's clever design, the trailers' overall height can be adjusted allowing them to run on British and mainland European roads.

“Obviously capacity is extremely important to us,” says Nick Charlesworth, a director of Laser International. “But we were also attracted by the VARIOS's adaptability.

While trailers measuring 4.5 metres and higher can run on British roads, models measuring upwards of 4 metres are not permitted across mainland Europe. The height of Schmitz Cargobull's VARIOS trailer can be easily adjusted – making it compatible for use across Europe and allowing it to be used with standard height tractor units.”

Launched in the UK at the 2007 Commercial Vehicle Show, the VARIOS incorporates a simple plug-in mechanism that allows the overall trailer height to be changed with the minimum of fuss. The trailer body can be lifted and lowered as required to run on a tractor unit with a high fifth wheel. The VARIOS has proved extremely popular since it was introduced and, because it is compatible for use across all territories, it achieves a high resale value.

Laser's trailers were built at Schmitz Cargobull's UK factory at Harelaw, near Newcastle upon Tyne. The trailers were delivered eight weeks from the receipt of the initial order.


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