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Latest Kombi uses RFID and Warehouse Management Systems

to achieve 15 per cent gains.
Jungheinrich has announced the introduction of a new version of its very narrow aisle EKX 513-515 Kombi order picker/stacker. According to Jungheinrich, the truck is capable of increasing productivity in a warehouse or distribution centre by some 15 per cent.

The original model in the range was launched last year and its clever use of RFID to enhance the truck's performance and safety was enthusiastically received by truck users.

Now Jungheinrich have taken the concept one step further with the introduction of technology that allows the truck to communicate independently with the warehouse management system (WMS) and maximize productivity through intelligent lifting and travel functions.

“Information from the warehouse management system now goes directly into truck control”, explains Craig Johnson Jungheinrich UK Ltd's marketing manager.

Simply, the EKX 513-515 receives order picking instructions from the WMS and the operator acknowledges that the orders have been received. RFID transponders set in the floor then automatically guide the Kombi to the appropriate pallet position within the racking by the shortest route at the optimum speed that consumes the lowest amount of energy. Jungheinrich calculate that this system will increase productivity by circa 15 per cent.

In addition to its new warehouse management system compatability, the Jungheinrich Kombi uses RFID to automatically adjust the truck's speed as it travels around the warehouse or distribution centre. The system can be set to ensure that, for example, the truck automatically slows down when it reaches the end of an aisle and reduces speed in poor quality floor areas or when carrying sensitive goods. RFID transponders also tell the truck to reduce its speed in aisles where floors are of poor quality while allowing them to work at a higher speed in aisles where the floors are good.


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