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LCU pallet packing press sets new entry-level standards

The new fully automated LCU pallet packing press from Mosca GmbH is an entry-level pallet strapping model, specially designed for frequently changing, low volume production runs. It reliably welds strap ends with a moveable SoniXs sealing unit and can optionally be equipped with two of the Mosca ultrasonic units for faster throughput. The machine is suitable for many different industries and can be easily integrated into new or existing production lines.

The LCU is factory equipped with a moveable SoniXs sealing unit for parallel ultrasonic welding. After attaching straps in the first position, it moves to the second position and secures the load for transport. These strap positions are based on Euro pallets and can be set to 440 or 625 millimeters for horizontal or vertical strapping.

Optional need-based applications
Mosca’s modular system principle guarantees top quality at affordable prices. "The new LCU offers a high-performance entry-level model for reliable pallet strapping to cost-conscious global markets, for example in Asia and North America," explains Christian Zwieb, in charge of product management at Mosca GmbH. "Supplementing the fully automated high-end machines in the KCK and KPK lines, the LCU is specially designed for frequently changing, low volume production runs. Additional options are available based on specific needs."

For high-output operations, Mosca equips the LCU with two SoniXs ultrasonic sealing units. With one sealing unit, the LCU straps up to 95 pallets per hour; with two units it can process up to 150 pallets per hour.

Customer’s choice
As a response to the requests of many Mosca customers, the basic LCU model is available without a conveying system. Users can implement the LCU into an existing line or order the machine from Mosca with an optional conveying system. Other options include the BSG-3 strap sealing unit that eliminates time-consuming strap coil changes. This minimizes down time on Mosca pallet strapping lines and makes the operator’s job easier.

Mosca enhances operator safety with the optional Zero Energy State System (ZES). Christian Zwieb explains: "No electrical energy is required to hold up the compression plate. If the machine’s power supply is interrupted, the plate moves into a fixed position and is secured." The compression plate can be put back into operation when power is restored. This protects the operator and ensures safer access to the work area. ZES can also be used as a service mode and be switched on or off. ven without ZES, a mechanical safeguard is provided with screw-in gear segments.

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