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Leading packaging company gains from ASG

A warehouse consolidation programme by Mayr-Melnhof-Packaging one of the UK's leading packaging manufacturers – has created a centralised storage facility that combines pallet racking alongside an extensive floor-based block stacking area. The new facility at Deesside is now benefiting from a combination of rack labelling and line-marking services supplied by Warrington-based ASG Services Ltd. – whose work throughout the site was completed within an extremely tight time frame.

Designed to hold and distribute both raw materials and finished products, the
Mayr-Melnhof consolidated warehouse facility works in conjunction with sister companies Mayr-Melnhof-Karton and Mayr-Melnhof-Packaging, the packaging division operating two premises in Deeside and in Liverpool. The storage warehouse now provides a holding facility for some 8,000 pallet positions of finished goods with an additional 5,000 locations for raw materials. The involvement of ASG Services has been at key points in the development programme and has been a central element in bringing the entire facility on line in little more than a month.

“We have a large area dedicated to the block stacked pallets where raw materials are held,” comments Graham Black, Logistics Manager at MM Packaging. “This has required a floor marking layout to be designed and applied to designate specific storage areas, to include floor numbering to identify specific locations. Ten different zones are now available to us each of which offers between 1 and 28 individual aisles reflecting the range of material sizes that we store. Overall,” he continues, “some 44,000 sq. ft. of block stacking is available enabling us to hold pallets up to four high, making the most of the cubic capacity of this particular part of the warehouse.”

Each position within the block stack area is defined by two different sized numbers – a larger one according to the zone with a smaller counterpart for each individual row which are further defined by black square markers added onto the lines themselves. Each number has been applied via a stencil that is retained for ad-hoc maintenance using aerosol materials by MM Packaging. A varnish coating has also been added to provide additional durability.

“Application of the line-marking included additional black and white and red lines to define forklift truck access lanes and was all completed in just six working days,” comments ASG Services' Managing Director, Tony Gresty. “It was achieved via a two part epoxy process ahead of which we ground the appropriate line into the floor to a 100 mm width to remove the power float, which helps to ensure the line-markings remain highly visible and durable.”

Adjacent to the block stacking area is 52,000 sq. ft. of racked warehouse at four beam heights. Throughout the structure, ASG Services has supplied a series of racking labels that feature both an alpha-numeric and bar-code identification. The latter enables MM Packaging to use hand held scanners to interface directly with a computerised warehouse management software – a key element in monitoring and maintaining stock levels of finished products.

“Labels feature black lettering on a white background for high visibility,” adds Tony Gresty, “and are positioned both at relevant beam level throughout the racking and also at ground level to provide a choice of scanning locations.”

The installation in Deesside is an excellent example of the benefits offered by the choice of products and services from ASG Services. Because a full range of material and expertise can be provided from a single source, consistencies and cost effectiveness of installation are maximised – an advantage that is now central to the on-going success of the MM warehouse facility

ASG Services Ltd
Tony Gresty (Managing Director) Telephone: 01925 710923

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