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Lean, green, freighting machine

DSV Road Limited has joined Green Freight Europe to further help reduce CO2 emissions from road transport.

Green Freight Europe is a new, voluntary initiative promoting cooperation between transport companies and their customers.

The programme is focused on building and maintaining a platform to collect, compute and report CO2 emissions from road transport in Europe.

It includes companies like IKEA, DOW, Schneider Electric and Akzo Nobel as well as a number of transport suppliers.

René Falch Olesen, Chief Executive Officer, DSV Road Limited, said: "The transport sector has an impact on the global environment so it is our responsibility to lessen that impact whenever we can.

"But it is also good business since almost all our CO2 emissions are directly related to fuel consumption. If we can save fuel it will help both the environment and our bottom line so it is a central aspect of how we do business."

DSV Road Limited already work to transport goods in an environmentally sustainable manner, primarily by optimising the use of trailers by minimising unused space and empty running.

A large transport network and careful planning enable the company to collect smaller shipments and transport them in larger, fully loaded trucks.
Green Freight Europe covers both large and small transport companies, and that is seen as a good thing by the Danish transport giant.

"We have a solid cooperation with our subcontractors and customers, who demand greener transport. With Green Freight Europe we can now share our knowledge and practical approach and be measured by it. It will then be up to
the customers to compare us with the other transport companies and decide who does the better job," added René.

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