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Learn more about collaborative supply chains at the Food & Drink Logistics Show

Logisticians need to know more about maximising the potential of collaborative partnerships and should visit this month’s Food & Drink Logistics Show taking place at NEC, Birmingham 21st – 24th March. On Tuesday 23rd, leading supply chain practitioners, Jane Gorick, managing director of LPR and Mick Wilson, business director at TDG will be speaking on the realities of setting up and making such relationships work for the long term.

Collaborative partnerships are being seen as the future technique to deliver further savings and efficiencies in the supply chain. But working so closely with another FMCG brand can be a daunting prospect. Together, Jane and Mick will share their experiences of setting up collaborative partnerships with leading FMCG manufacturers and look at the realities; from the considerations to be taken at the outset, through to making it continue to be harmonious.

Jane Gorick, managing director of leading pallet pool operator, LPR, commented: "The supply chain has always been squeezed on costs, and the food and drinks sector especially has one of the leanest operations in the UK. Collaboration is the best way to help find further savings. It’s important to remember that goods only compete on the shelf, so how they get there really doesn’t matter. However, collaboration is the future for those who are looking for long term returns for all on a fair and equitable basis."

Working together, LPR and TDG have been party to the development of collaborative supply chains between some of the UK’s most well-known FMCG brands. Collaboration has enabled significant savings to be made in vehicle movements and made an important impact in reducing the number of part and empty loads on the UK’s roads. With this experience, and from developing their own partnership, LPR and TDG understand the challenges, pitfalls and essentials in making collaboration work for every party both now and into the future.

Mick Wilson, business director at supply chain specialist, TDG, added: "What is crucial is that both parties understand what they are committing to and where responsibilities lie. Trust and cultural fit are just two of the considerations to take but they are probably the most vital ones for long term success."

Jane and Mick will be presenting their thoughts in the Business Briefing Theatre in Hall 5 at the NEC at 2pm on Tuesday 23rd April. To register to visit the show, go to www.fdlogisticsshow.co.uk.

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