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LED headlights get EU type approval

As the price of LED lights continues to fall, more and more drivers are realising the benefits of LEDs. Principally, they are cheaper to run, last longer and are less susceptible to damage because they do not have filaments to ‘blow out’. Until now, LEDs have been available for most vehicle lighting requirements with the exception of headlights. But now, there are two new headlamps available from Ring that break that tradition. They have introduced two new 90mm modular units for coaches – one for low beam and one for main beam. Chris Knowles, the Operations Director of HGV Direct believes that it won’t be long before they are available for other commercial vehicles.

The patented Duo-Lux LED & lens configuration creates a precise beam pattern with exact cut off and optimum road illumination. They have a typical useful life of up to 10 years based on an average use of eight hours a day. The light output is high intensity but low glare a ‘whiter’ light, which makes it safer for other road users. They also offer better reflectivity of road signs. The lamp units are made from light weight & durable die cast aluminium body with an impact resistant polycarbonate lens.

Chris comments, "We are increasingly seeing customers specify LEDs for rear and marker light units. Although they cost more initially, the long term savings add up. With unprecedented fuel prices, every little saving helps. LEDs draw 1/3 of the power of a halogen bulb on the alternator, which in turn reduces fuel consumption."

Chris sums up, "LEDs are instant on/off whereas incandescent bulbs take time to glow up/down. Also, if a coach driver were to mistakenly leave the lights on for an extended period, there is a very real danger of flattening the battery. Leaving LEDs on during a long break will have no detrimental effect when coming to start the coach. The staff at HGV Direct will be happy to offer advice on suitability and installation.

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