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LED lights as a practical modular kit

Patlite’s modular signal towers of the LUseries offer numerous possibilities for varia-tion: Two different diameters, up to five stackable LED modules that can be combined any way you like, an optional sound module and low-maintenance stroboscope add-on modules.

The LED towers of the LU series are available in two different column diameters: 50 millimetres (LU5) and 70 millimetres (LU7). The modular signal towers are ideal for OEMs who wish to offer different, multi-level versions of their devices. The modular design of the LU7 offers the user the choice between different pedestal modules in the colours ivory, silver and black, for mounting of up to five standard or stroboscope LED modules. The modules are wired in red, yellow, green, blue and transparent/white by means of a terminal block. Colour coding makes it very easy to connect the modules: each terminal has the same colour as the corresponding LED glass dome. Thanks to the practical bayonet catch the colour modules can also be re-combined after installation. The terminals eliminate the need for re-wiring.

Various visual and audible signals
The hybrid glass domes of the signal towers are made of heat-resistant and highly impact-resistant polycarbonate resin. This increases the life of the lights and guarantees good light transmission. The exclusive PATLITE prism cut provides for better visibility from all directions and from a distance. When programming the signal lights the user can choose between the standard LU7-02 pedestal without audible signal and the LU7-02FB special pedestal with con-tinuous and flashing lights as well as two different integrated alarm signals with an adjustable volume from 70 to 90dB/1m.

High-quality voice and sound module
As an additional audible alarm function for the LU7, Patlite offers the stackable, high-quality voice and sound module LU7-V1 with MP3 support. It can play an audible alarm, a melody or a message at a loudness of up to 90dB/1m. Up to four messages can be recorded with a total length of 32 seconds. Patlite designed the LU7-V1 especially for mounting on the towers of the LU7 series, to enable full 360° sound.

Special stroboscope alarm modules
Stackable LED stroboscope modules in the colours red, yellow, green, blue and transpar-ent/white are available as an additional option for the LU7. Their double flashing light pattern provides a highly visible alarm signal. Like the standard LED modules, up to five stroboscope modules can be stacked and replacement is possible both before and after installation. With an operating voltage of 24V DC they are extremely energy-efficient and require only minimal main-tenance.

Mid-sized modular system
Patlite also offers a smaller version of the LU series. With a diameter of only 50 millimetres the LU5 has two pedestal modules in the colours silver and ivory and the standard set of five PATLITE LED colour modules. The optional LU5 FB sound module gives a continuous alarm sound with a volume of 85dB/1m and flashes at a frequency of 60/min.

Standards-compliant and extremely robust
All components of the LU series modular system conform to CE, UL and C-UL requirements and feature protection class IP 65. They are dust-tight and hose-proof and therefore also suit-able for use in rough industrial environments. The operating temperature for the DC version is -30 to +60°C and for AC models -25 to +60°C. For mounting, Patlite offers diverse options: di-rect, wall and mast mounting.

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